Have you ever heard of the saying ‘opposites attract, and likes repel’? When referring to the principles of Science we know that this is indeed true. But does the same apply when it comes to romantic relationships? Emkay and Eunice’s past relationship definitely tells us so.

A ‘womaniser’ was the reputation that Emkay carried around with him. Eunice, on the other hand, was the complete opposite with not much experience in relationships or love for that matter. The two were indeed an unlikely pair that soon came together into what seemed like a perfect little love bubble.

Unfortunately for them, everyone else around the love birds were against their relationship including Glenda, Eunice’s new friend and roommate who never sugar-coated her sour opinions about Emkay. And let’s not forget Sis Ouma, who thought Eunice was way too young and naïve to be dating. She practically had Eunice’s folks on speed dial in case she stepped out of line. Lulu, and her dirty text messages to Emkay didn’t help either.

Combine all of that with the usual ups and downs of a union, the likeliness of a relationship failing is high. And this is unfortunately exactly what happened to Emkay and Eunice.


Do you think there is a chance for Eunice and Emkay to get back together?  

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