Guest lecturer Mr. Spiller has been suspiciously hot and cold since he set foot on the scene. From the onset, we are first introduced to a strict, straight shooter with a take no nonsense attitude. And after pitching up late, unprepared for his presentation and dismissed, Kwaito, more than anyone else he got to feel the brunt of that. What made Kwaito feel even worse was finding out that Emkay and Lulu’s were the only 2 inventions that made the cut.

But along the way, Spiller’s attitude began to change. Kwaito was surprised but also confused when Spiller called him in just to try and get to know him better.  Next thing he knew, he received a message from Spiller. He thinks he’s dreaming when it’s an invitation to build a prototype of his invention to present to a special panel!

As time goes on, Spiller becomes somewhat of a father figure to Kwaito. Lending an ear to his problems and providing to his financial needs. But even in all this, there is something dark that lies underneath. Spiller might have ulterior motives. But what are they?

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