She is kind, energetic and family orientated. Always brutally honest and says exactly what’s on her mind. She loves everyone and treats everyone equally. She’s always willing to teach people about life and to support them through their lives. She is one colourful personality and we can’t get enough of her. Who are we talking about you ask? It’s Granny of course!

Here are a few other things we absolutely love about her:

  • Her dreams are Life.

The events she dreams about usually come true in some way or another. Some dreams need extra deciphering while some are standard and straightforward. Hmmm! This might make it difficult for one to keep any secrets from her.

  • She bakes the best Banana bread.

We all know by now that Granny bakes the best Banana cake in Turf. And she’s always happy to offer, along with a warm cup of tea. Yum!

  • She has an amazing sense of humour.

Moments spent with Granny are never dull and boring.  She always has a great or funny story to tell. And if one needs some honest advice she’s always to help.


What are the things that you love about Granny?

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