Now all grown-up and living with his no-nonsense grandmother, Ma Ntuli, Clement has had a tough time dealing with family issues and problems that face him as a young boy trying to find himself in the world of young adulthood. At his tender age, he has been confronted with the harsh realities of abuse at home, going to initiation school to please his father, and the forever-mounting pressure at high school.

We had a sit down with the sport loving matric, Vusi Leremi, to find out how it has been for him to play this ball-of-emotions teenager.

How does the case against Dennis affect Clement at this point in time?

The situation is one that affects Clement in many ways. This is the type of situation that weighs on you emotionally and psychologically, there’s just no way of not being affected. Sadly, people also start gossiping about him, so he doesn’t know who to trust. He starts doubting the world and even people he felt should be close to him. It really does break him down.

How does this affect him at school?

I feel, if any kid were in that sort of situation, it would affect them negatively. It would take a miracle to stay focused under such circumstances. He is always troubled emotionally and struggles to focus on what the teacher has to say. He’s also always concerned about his mother’s wellbeing. Knowing the fact that Dennis always finds a way to worm his way back into his mother’s life, this is what keeps him worried about his mother and the situation at home. He is also worried about testifying, the fear has taken over his focus.

How is the relationship between Clement and his mother through all of this?

In the beginning, he doubts her. Doubting where her loyalties are, why she keeps getting back with Dennis, doubting her love for him. But that thinking changes over time and now he ends up fully supporting his mother 100%, and this is why he ends up testifying against his dad.

How was it playing this story-line?

Playing the current story-line is not easy at all! There are a lot of things that Clement goes through that I have not experienced, along with the emotional baggage that comes with it all. Some other “teenage issues” are things I know as a teenager, but for the better part of what he’s going through, I cannot say I relate which makes it challenging to portray the character.

What are some of your highlights for 2017?

I would say reaching matric for now, is my highlight in 2017. My full focus is on my school work and Skeem Saam. So there hasn’t been much to talk about. I also got to attend my very first awards ceremony this year, which was really cool. I got to see my favorite artists perform.

Who is your local celebrity crush?

(Laughs) Wow. I might get into trouble for this, but I think it would have to be Pearl Modiadie. She has “that thing”, and I also love how she is growing in the industry in all that she is doing.

Where can we keep up with you on social media?

On social media, I am Vusi Leremi on both Facebook and Instagram. I do not have a twitter account.

What message do you have for all the matrics writing their exams, especially with you being in matric?

This is particularly close to my heart because I am also in matric. I know the struggle; I know the pressures that come with being in matric. My biggest message would be, keep your head high and don’t doubt yourself. You have been busy the whole year, so it’s important to trust what you have learned in class and execute that as best as you can. Prepare thoroughly, and get enough sleep the night before the exam.

To those who will not make it, it’s definitely not the end of the world! Pick yourself up, focus, and write again next year. Don’t be in a dark space that would lead to contemplate suicide, because you think it’s the end of the world. Your life is very valuable. Good luck class if 2017!

By: Buhle Maseko