All our families have had their fair share of drama. From the Magongwas, the Seakamelas to the Maputlas. One could go as far as saying all these families’ misfortunes sometimes rub off on each other. MaNtuli and her children now face one of their toughest challenges as a family, to stick together as the law tries to get Dennis behind bars.

Dennis and Sthoko have certainly sent the Skeem Saam viewer on an emotional roller coaster within their toxic relationship. For years, Dennis has been the source of Sthoko’s pain and misery, but always seems to know which buttons to press to get himself back into her life. The decisions taken by the two adults have not only had an impact on them as a couple, but a far greater emotional impact on Clement. He’s had to deal with a father who sorts his problems out by showering him with gifts and even organsing a traditional ceremony for him to try and mend their relationship. This seems to have been all part of his master plan.

Finally, Sthoko decided that enough was enough, much to her mom’s relief, deciding to let the law deal with Dennis after she opened a case of assault against him. The case came with its fair share of twists and turns, as Dennis opted to be represented by a close family friend to the Seakamelas, Leeto. Needless to say, this came as a shock to the Seakamelas and has changed the dynamics of the relationship between themselves and the Maputla family.

Sthoko finds herself in a very difficult place leading up to the hearing, as emotions threaten to overwhelm her. She knows that this moment is crucial for her and Clement, but she also has her fear to deal with, that she’s had for many years. The fear of her husband, Dennis.

But if MaNtuli is going to have her way, she will make sure that every piece of evidence is stacked against Dennis. Having seen her daughter suffer, she never wants to see her in that dark place again. As a mother, as any mother, MaNtuli only wants the best for Sthoko. She knows that if Dennis gets convicted, it will be a fresh start for her daughter. In fact, this would mean freedom and happiness for the whole family.

A lot is at stake with this case, as a win for Dennis could not only be trouble for Clement and Sthoko, but also a relationship that might never be mended between Leeto and the Seakamelas.

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By: Buhle Maseko