Kwaito is a smart and determined young man. Always looking out for the well-being of his family. But it seems Kwaito’s life has been on a downward spiral for a while now. Every time something amazing happens for him, something terrible counters it.  MaNtuli is convinced that her son has the same problem as his father did. She fears that the “Seakamela curse” is what’s rearing its ugly face again.

In a state of sadness and disappointment, MaNtuli opens up to Pretty. Tells her something that she’s never told any of her children. The reason why she thinks her marriage never worked out. Every time (her then) husband got close to success it was quickly snatched out of his hands. And now, the same thing seems to be happening to Kwaito. Just a terrible time loop happening all over again.

It’s normal for any mother to feel helpless when they’re child is going through the most in life. But does something like curses really exist? Could it be the real reason Kwaito has experienced what he has so far?

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