2016 was a rollercoaster ride for Sonti, what with her fair share of ups and downs, twists, and stomach-crunching twirls.

A definite positive for her was the development and growth of her Sonti M Nuts business, which took Turfloop by storm. The talk of her nuts went from being on everyone’s lips, to everyone’s mouths. People like the difficult Charles Kunutu, the competitive Meiki Maputla and Charity Ramabu were roped in to help, with some successes and some major disasters. Her business partnership with Charity led Sonti to the charming but corrupt and shady businessman, Mr Langa; who wanted her for more than just a professional partnering deal. The cruel world of business was showing her just how cutthroat it can be, and that she needed to get a thick skin, very fast.

After being put in a corner by Mr Langa, forcing her to examine her morals and principles, Sonti finally opened up to Charity about the shady dealings Mr Langa wanted to put her through. Charity took over and set a trap that Mr Langa fell right into, with the help of Mokgadi. Through all her difficulties, she persisted and never gave up on her dream, which was to see Sonti M Nuts grow into a formidable business. She further made another positive step in getting a small office space, then enlisted Kat to make spices for the nuts’ flavourings.

The icing on top was when she met and fell for Captain Enos Babeile, a true knight in shining armour. The two lovebirds had deep dinner chats, walks in the park, jogging sessions and other things; stuff that lovers do. Obviously, one thing naturally led to another.

One of her highlights was probably meeting the Joburg-based business man, Lehasa Maphosa. This time around, this budding businesswoman got more than what she bargained for. Within a few seconds of laying her eyes on Lehasa, she was swept off her feet, and it would seem as though her interests are deeper than just a lucrative business contract. Only time will tell what will tell what will come out of this!