It’s true what they say: the leopard never really changes its spots! Lelo is at it again, working her way at manipulating whoever she can to get what she wants. This time around, it’s Babymaker and Elizabeth who have fallen prey to her ploys. The efforts efforts to try rehabilitate Lelo in prison have clearly failed, as she has gone back to her evil, twisted ways. Her truest colours were revealed when she gave Lizzy sleeping tablets that not only caused her to oversleep, but also left her feeling very disorientated and paranoid, leading her to miss some of her most important exams. This move played perfectly in Lelo’s favour, enabling her to spend more time with an unsuspecting Babymaker. Lelo takes things a notch further, but gets caught red-handed adding a “suspicious ingredient” to the stew she had prepared for Lizzy. Already paranoid, Lizzy and Babymaker both insist Lelo eats that stew in front of them, to which Lelo plays them with great ease and gets herself out of that situation.

The wool is finally off Lizzy’s eyes when she finally goes to the doctor, inadvertently unmasking Lelo’s evil ways. Sleeping tablets were found in her bloodstream, which naturally infuriates Lizzy,putting Lelo right on top of the suspects’ list. Elizabeth blowing a fuse doesn’t help her case in trying to prove that Lelo is up to her old tricks again, so she opts to go for a less direct approach in catching Lelo out ,which makes Babymaker’s house a battleground he knows nothing about. The two long arch-rivals go to blows and war is declared! With her back against the wall, Elizabeth reports Lelo as having broken the rules which are in line with her house arrest.

Will this see Lelo spend her New Year in prison?