Like most people, Rachel wants a comfortable life. Where she’s able to buy anything at any time, without the struggle and the life of poverty that she thinks her family is always in. But she’s still in college, and if that life of comfort even arrives it’s going to take some time. Rachel wants her good life and she wants it now.

Rachel and Nimrod come up with an idea that might turn them into young Millionaires. A Laboratory to help cure Arthritis. But a lab needs funding. Which Rachel has, unfortunately, had no luck in finding.

There is, however, one person she needs to try her luck with. And that person is no other than Marothi. Sure, he can afford to fund their project, but will he agree to it? And was it a good idea for Rachel to approach Marothi out of all people?

Has Rachel’s meeting with Marothi just opened a can of worms? Watch Skeem Saam every weeknight at 18.30 pm. Mzansi Fo Sho!