At a time when Sonti is madly in love with Captain Enos Babile, she meets a potential business partner that could change not only her business fortunes, but the way she sees her blossoming relationship. Turfloop, has a new charming businessman, and it looks like Sonti is the target of this young, suave smooth operator. We recently got an opportunity to speak to Cedric Fourie, the man who plays Lehasa.

Who are you, and how you got into the entertainment industry?

Well, Cedric is a Joburg based young man, born and raised in Orlando, Soweto. I was raised by my single mother. I’d like think of myself as a very calm, confident person who enjoys spending time reading, and keeping healthy at the gym. Growing up, the love for fitness started out in High School, but I’ll admit that it started out as me wanting to look good and stay confident as a person, more than it was about actual health purposes. The arts wasn’t something that was taken seriously as a career path, which is one of the reasons I had my eyes set on being a lawyer. I subsequently studied Computer Network Engineering. I did however got involved in a number of theatre and production plays which I guess is where it all really began. Later on, I had cameo roles on shows like Generations and Isibaya.

What Inspires you?

I would forward the idea of helping others as a big motivation, maybe because I want to be missed when I am no longer around (laughs). I also want to be known as a person that loved helping people to achieve their goals. I never want to live a life that is indifferent and doesn’t get people talking in a positive way, and I would say wanting that, motivates me to be the best version of myself I can be.

Let’s talk about Lehasa. Has he come to confuse Sonti’s life?

(Laughs) Lehasa is an opportunist, but I wouldn’t say he has come to confuse Sonti’s life. I mean he does see great potential in her at first, but really doesn’t mind the idea of Sonti falling for him in order to get what he wants. Lehasa is a very confident man and understands that he always has that to his advantage when dealing with people, and Sonti just happens to be another one of those people. The more time Lehasa spends with Sonti, he notices cracks in her that he is ready exploit. Having said that, it surely will be interesting to see what Lehasa has in his bag of tricks for Sonti.

Can you draw any similarities between Lehasa and Cedric?

The similarities between Lehasa and Cedric definitely have to the confidence factor. Lehasa knows that when he walks into a space/ office, he commands attention because of his looks and his speech. I think I’m almost as confident. Just almost. When coming to how ruthless Lehasa is, I definitely cannot relate to that. Cedric is actually the complete opposite and likes helping and growing people. The other think we have in common is that we’re both single!


Yes! (Laughs)

Looking at 2017, what can we expect from Cedric?

I’m expecting a year of growth on screen. It’s a year where I really want to launch myself and focus on storytelling. What’s exciting is how the way of storytelling has changed. I am looking forward to exploring all aspects of storytelling. It’s a great time to be in entertainment in South Africa, everything is just getting better, so to be part of that is something I look forward to.

What would you like to say to our viewers?

I would like to urge people to grow with me on this journey. It’s just the beginning and I am looking forward to all the challenges that come with the new character. Lehasa is a character that is going to get people talking and it’s great to have people who support what you do. Importantly also, I would like people to get to know and appreciate me as an entertainer/ storyteller before they make it about how I look physically.

Lastly, are you in a relationship?

(Laughs) I’m not. I think once I’ve settled in at Skeem Saam, I will have more time to focus on such things.

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