It’s said that education is the key to success, and one person who understand that better that anyone is Mogau Motlhatswi, whose character (Mapitsi), has had her fair share of a roller coaster ride throughout her on-screen schooling years. Mapitsi has gone full circle from having a child when she was in High School, to which the challenges that came with that saw her fail that year, coming back and passing with 2 distinctions in her drama filled final grade 12 year at Turfloop High. Today we celebrate the young, talented Mogau, who recently graduated earlier this year from the University of Johannesburg, and she shares with us how important education is in securing your future as a young person in South Africa.

What Qualification did you acquire? From which institution?

The qualification I acquired was a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Johannesburg. This degree is in the field of film and television production and looks at exploring all aspects in this widespread field, namely- TV and film production, directing, script writing, the history of the entertainment industry. Not forgetting the communication aspect of the degree that gives you an advantage of critical thinking, the communication space, and mass communication.

What job aspirations do you have? Are they in line with your qualification?

I have aspirations of being a director within the film and television space, and I also have ambitions of wanting to be a respected lady in business & successful entrepreneur. The requirements on my side though are that I work hard to be able to merge the two and make that work for me.

Why did you feel it was important to complete your degree/diploma?

It’s really important to complete your tertiary qualification because it just gives you a different insight in the workplace, a more academic insight. I’m all for learning on the job, but I feel having a tertiary backing allows you a more critical thinking in the workplace and allows you to know the history of your filed. I also feel I need to highlight the importance of the theory behind whatever industry you are in, I feel getting a tertiary education allows you to tap into that and know the backbone of your work.

How important would you say education is in our society today?

My feeling around this is that people take education for granted in this day and age, thus the numbers in the rate of people who drop out in high school and varsity. If studying is the way to go about, we should hustle through that and not look for the easy way out in life. Not to say people will not make it if they do not have a further education, it’s just always a positive thing to be able to learn the basics of the industry you are looking to get into. I really feel people should put in the work in their education even though it sometimes is time consuming.

What advice do you have for young learners who aren’t sure of what they want to study after leaving High School?

Research, research, research. Today we access information through google and have all that information at our fingertips. Another way of going about it is to spend time job shadowing the people in the industry you feel you would be interested in. This gives you an opportunity to be hands on and know if you really want to be in that field. Don’t be afraid to follow your passion and allow that to drive your focus and hard work. What people don’t focus on also sometimes are the other departments within their fields, for example, if you want to in music, you don’t necessarily have to always be the artist, there’s other jobs that are more in the background, explore and research all options.

If you had the opportunity to address young ladies in SA, what advice would you give them?

Don’t get distracted! Too many things distract us from greatness and the vision we have for ourselves. Don’t let what people think, what they say, or your circumstances affect the person you are or distant you from your bigger goal in life. Decide on what your goals are, and focus on doing whatever possible to reach that goal.

If given the opportunity, which SA actor/actress would you love to share a scene with?

Wow, South Africa is blessed with amazing talent in the entertainment space. It’s hard for me to pick out one person I would like to work with. Some of the very talented actors and actresses I would love to share a scene with one day are Vusi Kunene, Siyabonga Twala, Xolile Tshabalala, Nthati Moshesh. I’m also blessed to be working with some amazing talent on Skeem Saam with Molefi Monaisa being one of my favourites.

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