John, 51, is a university lecturer cum businessman. A gentle giant, intelligent and confident. His life revolves around his family and work. He is Meikie’s husband and together they have two sons, Leeto and Thabo. He’s a strong man, the moral pillar of the family. He was the first-born and first to go to university in his family.

A lot of pressure was put on him as a kid to succeed, and he never disappointed his parents. He became one of the most celebrated lecturers in his community. He wants the very best for his children and will not tolerate anything less than excellent academic performance from them. He’s a loyal husband and dedicated father. He’s the sort of person you wouldn’t mind facing a crisis with.

He owns a supermarket in Turfloop, which he runs with his wife. He doesn’t smoke but he enjoys a good beer or glass of wine at functions. He has given so much to his children, and tries not to spoil them.