From live chickens to so-called ‘Satanic rituals’ the Magongwa’s have been through the most this past week. But after Rachel’s diabolical plan to “borrow” Alfred’s car without his knowledge or permission was the last straw. To fast track the story, Nimza and Rachel return home after the event, only to speed back out the yard bumping into something. Problem 1: The car is not covered by insurance! Problem 2: Alfred is broke; he can’t afford to fix the car! And after Nimrod threw Rachel under a speeding bus, it was clear that Rachel was the mastermind behind this.

So naturally, the Magongwa’s have had enough of Rachel’s villainous scheming and lying. And not only did this cause a rift between brother and sister but Celia has also lost all hope in her daughter and subsequently sealed the end of their relationship with a hot slap in the face. Come the next morning, all that was left of Rachel was an empty wardrobe a note on the dining room table addressed to her mother.

Has Rachel left for good?      

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