Here is what some of the Skeem Saam actors had to say about what they are grateful for about 2017, and what they’re looking forward to in 2018!

Harriet Manamela (Meikie) – My family went through a lot of tragedy in 2017 where we lost a couple of family members, so it wasn’t particularly an easy time. That being said, I can’t help but feel grateful to have a family that loves, supports and understands me. In fact, those difficult moments got us closer and taught us to appreciate one another on a whole other level. At the end of the year, Dieketseng (MaNtuli) and I visited a family friend, and we had a lovely time, closing it off in an awesome way. In 2018, I’m looking forward to focussing more on Harriet and spending time with my family because very soon, there’ll be little kids calling me “Gogo”! I want to be the best version of myself: be a better partner, colleague, mother and grandmother!

Nolo Matlaila (Mokgadi) – I’m grateful for a lot of things that happened last year, but right at the top of the list would have to be finally completing my Psychology degree. It took me seven years to do it, but I finally achieved that goal. It also came with having dinner with our former state president, Thabo Mbeki, as his guest.

Buhle Maseko (Nimza) – This year I am particularly grateful for the growth and wisdom God has given me. Being able to make proper decision that affect my well-being and growth.

Cornet Mamabolo (Tbose) – I’m grateful for good health, growth in my career and in business (Digni Admin). I think I’m more thankful for having learned to say no to some ventures. In the past, I used to make decisions based on money, but this year, I have to be wiser. I got the opportunity to obtain two qualifications in insurance, I have second baby on the way and hopefully, more money is also on the cards lol! When it comes to work, I’m hoping for a life-changing storyline around Tbose. I’m ready and hungry for it. I’m hoping to reason better and decide objectively in all spheres of my life, and particularly prioritise my family more.

Julius Mosana (Dragon) – One of my highlights was seeing my character grow on Skeem Saam, because I started on the show in the first season, when Kwaito and Tbose tried to borrow money from Dragon. The character has grown, even though he’s still a mean man! Being on a show like Skeem Saam has done wonders for my career, and many aspects of my life.

Nozipho Langa (Glenda) – I’m grateful for growth, in all facets. I’m a much better person than what I was last year. I thank God for that.

Clement Maosa (Kwaito) – There’s a lot to be excited about in 2018. One thing for sure that I want to do, is to go back to school and focus on entertainment law. I got my LLB Degree, and would like to study further. I want to do theatre, which I’ve been dying to do. I got a chance to watch a lot of theatre productions last year, notably “The Suitcase” with Masasa Mbangeni and Siyabonga Thwala, and it reminded me of just how much I need to be on stage. I also want to take my dance classes/sessions to Limpopo where I’m from. I’m passionate about the arts, and would like to spread that passion and share some of what I’ve learnt.

Dipuo Kgaphola (Mokarati) – I’m truly grateful for my family. They’ve shaped me into the person I am today, and we’re running a family business and growing together.

Mlungisi Mathe (Emkay) – Meeting new people who contributed positively in my life, and helped me face my fears was possibly my highlight for 2017, because that subsequently helped me to achieve things I never thought I would; like recording my maskandi music, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m grateful for life and being able to do what I love. My wish for 2018 is to travel the world and meet more new people, explore and go to places where I don’t know anyone and just learn new things.

Oratile Maitisa (Eunice) – Life and God. I went through a lot in 2017, and discovered things that have changed my life completely. I’m glad I dealt with them in a manner where I don’t regret anything. After all that has happened, I’m just glad to be granted the gift of life.

Eric Macheru (Leeto) – In 2017, there were a lot of life lessons that forced me to sit up and pay attention, and be more vigilant. This year, I’m hoping for more consistency on my spiritual life and every other important part of my life. I’m looking forward to collaborating with brands that speak to what my passions are.

Tebogo Modisane (Alfios) – I’m really grateful of the fact that God has kept me alive. Looking at 2017, It has been a year that has seen many talented artists pass away. So I have to give thanks for the protection that God has given me.

Dieketseng Mnisi (MaNtuli) – More than anything, I’m grateful for my health. In 2016, my health deteriorated, so much so that I had to take some time off work. But God carried me through in everything, and now I’m in perfect health. I’m grateful for my faith in Him, and that I was able to hold on to His promises. I’m grateful for my job at Skeem Saam, for the company that’s employed me, and for my colleagues. I had asked God long ago to give me a job at a soapie, so that I can have a home for my talent, and I’m living my dream as we speak. I’m grateful for my children, Ayanda and Nhlanhla who respect me to this day. They’re both over thirty, but they respect me like they’re still young kids. In 2018, I’d like to do movies. I’m ready!

Cedric Fourie (Lehasa) – 2017 was my character grew at Skeem Saam, so the year was devoted to being a good actor and being an outstanding storyteller. I’m grateful for the lessons that I learnt, and how those lessons were somehow linked in helping me to be a better person generally. Being able to be a better son, brother, father, friend and colleague. This character has been very demanding on me emotionally, but I’m just so grateful to be on this show and being afforded the platform.

Thabo Mkhabela (Leshole) – I’m grateful for life. We lose a lot of people every day, so I am grateful for life and the fact that I can what I love every day. Happy 2018 to everyone.

Vusi Leremi (Clement) – I met some of the most amazing people in 2017, all of whom I’ve learnt something from. 2018 will be dedicated to me growing as an actor, and learning as much as I can about acting and how I can further tap into other areas that will make me a better actor.