About SABC Education: The SABC is required by legislation to inform, educate and entertain viewers and listeners. The broadcasting of educational programmes is therefore essential to the implementation of its public service mandate.

The SABC recognizes that to right the wrongs inflicted by decades of apartheid education on the knowledge, literacy and skills profile of South Africa requires the collective contribution of all educational authorities, institutions and individuals. The SABC recognizes that through broadcasting, it can make a unique contribution to this national project. Complementary to what is offered by schools, colleges, higher education institutions and work place training, radio, television, digital media and outreach can make the most significant contribution to learning.

The SABC also acknowledges that an informed and educated citizenry is fundamental to the sustained development of South Africa. Through its educational programmes it is well placed to advance national goals of equality, dignity and an inclusive society and works towards these ends.
In fulfilling its educational mandate, the SABC is guided by the constitutionally enshrined right of all South Africans to receive and impact education — in the official languages of their choice, where reasonably practicable.
The SABC also aims to attain the goals set in the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act and the Broadcasting Act, and the relevant policies and regulations.

In particular, we take into account the requirement of the Broadcasting Act that the SABC's public broadcasting services should: "include significant amounts of educational programming, both curriculum-based and informal educative topics from a wide range of social, political and economic issues, including, but not limited to, human rights, health, early childhood development, agriculture, culture, justice and commerce and contributing to a shared South African consciousness and identity".
This Policy on Educational Broadcasting sets the framework within which the SABC implements this mandate and responds to the national literacy and skills development challenge.

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