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Featured Articles

  • #LeadershipGoals: Q and A with Ambassador Tal Edgars

    Amb TalAmbassador Tal Edgars

    Ambassador Edgars is the recipient of the ACQ 2015 SA Gamechanger of the Year, 2015 Old Mutual Tomorrow Leader's Convention Nominee, 2014 ACQ5 South African Best Consultancy Firm, 2014 9th Annual AFIA Award African International Achiever, Strategy Meritus Award 2012, 2011 Yahoo Voices Visionary of the Year, Liquid Brands Best Expert 2010, Academia Consul 2010, 2009 Who's Who's Historical Award, MDG Achievement Award 2007, Entrepreneurship Award in SA 2008, Global Ambassador to the Nation Builders International in Yaoundé, UN MDG Task force, Security Council, African International Development Ambassador at NAD & African International Achievers.

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    Mzansi Young Leaders

    • Nthabeleng Likotsi



      Ms Nthabeleng Likotsi is the Executive Chairman of the Young Women in Business Network (YWBN) and the Chairperson of the formation of the YWBN Co-operative Bank. She holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Wits Business School and a post graduate Certificate in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Centre of Entrepreneurship at Wits Business School (WBS).

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    • Thabo Isaac



      Thabo Isaac Sereme is a management consultant at EY and he is currently within the Advisory PI-Finance space. His passion for youth development is evident in his involvement with the Wits Business School(WBS) YLED group. He has also been awarded a scholarship by WBS’s Head of School due to his proven enthusiasm towards education. Thabo is an academic that has honed his skills in Organisational Psychology bachelor’s degree, Social Anthropology of Work Honours and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management.

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    • Dike Phatudi



      Dike Phatudi is a 23 year old, proud South African entrepreneur and founder of Hedera Group and a catalyst of youth development. He holds a BA triple major in Law, Political Science and International Political Economics from Wits University, and is currently completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Business Administration) with Wits Business School.

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    • Bongekile Radebe



      Bongekile Radebe is the 24-year-old founder of Her Destiny – a tea lifestyle and business network that seeks to accelerate the economic participation of young women.

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      #ODL Playlist( Videos)

      ‘‘Surround yourself on with people who are going to take you higher’’

      – Oprah Winfrey

      ‘‘Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion’’

      – Tony Hsieh

      ‘‘If today were the last day of the your life, would you

      want to do what you are about to do today?’’ – Steve Jobbs

      ‘‘A woman with a voice is, be definition, a strong woman’’

      – Melinda Gates

      ‘‘May your choices reflect your choices, not your fears.’’

      – Nelson Mandela

      ‘‘Almost everything that is great has been done by youth’’

      – Benjamin Disraeli

      ‘‘The duty of youth is to challenge corruption’’

      – Kurt Cobain

      ‘‘When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful’’

      – Malala Yousafzai