Objectives: The SABC commits itself to the following objectives for educational broadcasting:To provide innovative educational programmes of excellent quality across our radio, television and digital media services, aimed at meeting the diverse formal and informal learning needs of all our audiences, including children, youth and adults.

These include:

    1. Programmes that support the curriculum-based activities of the education and training sectors and cover a wide range of subjects and fields
    2. Programmes that promote public education on rural development and urban renewal, human resources development, citizens' rights and responsibilities, healthy living, innovative solutions to personal, family and community challenges, national identity, culture and heritage
  1. To ensure that the radio, television and digital media services in the SABC's public broadcasting portfolio devote adequate air time to educational programmes, and schedule them at times that are appropriate for the target audiences
  2. To ensure that the radio and television services in the commercial portfolio support a culture of lifelong learning through informal knowledge-building initiatives that are relevant to their format and target audience
  3. To provide educational programmes in various of the official languages and, in selected
    genres, Sign Language, taking into account the language needs of each target audience
  4. To broadcast a significant amount of locally produced educational programming, recognizing that such programmes are often best for meeting the educational needs for South Africans. However, the SABC also recognizes that it is important to expand audiences' knowledge of the African continent and the rest of the world, and accordingly will ensure that internationally acquired programmes satisfy these goals
  5. To enhance the effectiveness of educational programmes by implementing a coherent education methodology that incorporates multimedia strategies such as the use of print, the Internet, satellite, fixed and mobile telephone networks and SMS
  6. To supplement educational methodologies through outreach programmes, where appropriate, in the form of training and support for users of materials aimed at deepening the educational impact of the content
  7. To ensure that sufficient resources are apportioned for implementing the educational mandate. To this end the SABC secures financial and other resources from a variety of sources, including the government and licence fees, private and international donors, advertising and sponsorship, co-productions and related programme partnerships with a range of national, continental and international institutions.
  8. To ensure educational impact beyond broadcast
  9. To facilitate access to other intended user-groups

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