SABC News - Black is here!

The wait is over! SABC News is pleased to launch its new image across all its platforms. The thrilling rebrand campaign went live on Monday, 4th of June 2018. When explaining the reason behind the repositioning, the GE: News and Current Affairs, Ms Phathiswa Magopeni affirmed that the brand is not changing but going back to its basic role of being a broadcaster that focuses on the needs of the public.

“We want to make sure our services are focused on our citizens, while restoring their trust in us” she stated. She further alluded that the transformation is meant to directly reinforce the mandate of the SABC which supports the provision of credible, relevant and compelling content that is accessible to all; while reflecting the South African citizen in their language, culture and background.

“We need our Provincial offices to become central in our coverage which will help us breach the gap of information inequality and give a voice to the voiceless” she said.

South Africans will witness a refocused SABC News with a new line-up of new and old shows and a different imaging of all channels including the SABC News Channel, Digital News, seamless approach of news reporting and a single signature tune for both TV and Radio news.

The new look which will be predominantly black, will also include an African-inspired artwork which will accentuate our new philosophy of being an accessible, Pan African and innovative brand whose editorial identity is defined by social consciousness. The artwork will have beads and patterns representing the different unified cultures of Africa.

Internally, the SABC News Division is also in the verge of making sure that all news personnel are skilled in driving the vision of making SABC News the Independent and Impartial news provider it promises to be. “This means we need to work harder in making sure that we fulfil the brand promise we make to them, and that requires skilled, transparent and cross functional team that is not afraid of change” she said.

On the ground, SABC also introduced its new Outside Broadcast vans that provide state of the art digital satellite systems making news gathering quite tranquil. The vans include cutting edge technology allowing deliverance of SABC News to be timely and seamless across all platforms, and giving more quality content to the public.

The SABC News continues to fulfil the mandate of the public broadcaster providing enriching and compelling content that is accessible to all.

By Mahlatse Rampjapedi



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