Parents, who lie about their residence in order to get their children into a particular school, could face a jail term. This is according to the Basic Education Department's proposed Bill.

The department's spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, says the Bill will be released for Gazette in about a week's time.

He says the Bill seeks to rectify the situation of parents presenting fake documents to schools in order to register their children.

“They use other people’s addresses to identify themselves as residents of that area where the school is located. We cannot be the ones to be seen to be supporting that. We cannot say its fine for parents to falsify documents to secure space for their children in particular schools. That cannot be right and as government we need to take a position and say no more.”

Mhlanga says that communities and school governing bodies need to take more responsibility in ensuring the full functionality of so called “disadvantaged schools.”

He says that if all the relevant stakeholders did their part and manages resources adequately, it would avoid the situation of children having to hop from one school to another.

Mhlanga says this is all part of strengthening the South African Schools Act, which has not had a major review since 1996.

The role of school governing bodies and admission policies will also be included in the review.

Source: SABCNews



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