As part of a comprehensive communications strategy, the United Nations (UN) has featured massive scale audio-visual projections on the façade of its Headquarters building in New York to raise awareness about the new Sustainable Development Goals.
Ahead of the adoption of those 17 goals later this week, the UN has sought to promote its 70th anniversary with a visual display it hopes will create buzz and momentum for the post-2015 agenda.
It is a bold agenda that aims to maximise awareness around the future of our planet and its people.
UN has projected the 17 goals in a multimedia spectacle on the façade of the UN skyscraper in Manhattan, New York.
The projection is part of the Global Goals campaign, spearheaded by British filmmaker Richard Curtis.
“What it made me think of is we’ve got to make this simpler and simpler, the more complicated it is, the more in a way the responsibility of the communicators is to try to make it also fun, bright, entertaining, interesting, all of those things to attract attention of young people and people who would otherwise be getting on with their work.”
It comes just days before world leaders gather to endorse the post-2015 agenda and the 17 goals that will underpin them.
The UN’s unofficial 18th goal is a comprehensive and effective communications strategy to ensure the message gets out to all seven billion people around the word, hoping to enlist enthusiastic advocates who will ensure accountability in the long run.

The audience that we have here is going to play an incredible role in taking this forward

Curtis says, "We came to the idea that we would try to make these goals as famous as we possibly could because you can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what your rights are and as the agenda got more complicated and I realized how extraordinary and comprehensive the new SDGs were going to be, I remembered the climate people walking out of the make poverty history campaign because we didn’t think there was room for them to sort of fit into that campaign and now suddenly justice, climate, development all put together."
The campaign, which includes a variety of platforms including concerts, radio and billboards aims to reach everyone on the planet in seven days.
The Secretary General’s Special Advisor on SDGs Planning, Amina Mohammed says, “The audience that we have here is going to play an incredible role in taking this forward, we’ve never I think, a lesson learned, is communicating this and communicating this means our media, our journalists in your day life and your working life, helping us also finding better ways of getting this to where it needs to get t, to get those actions.”
“ And I think everyone now as a result of this, is thinking through a communication strategy more than they have ever done before and how to do it before rather than after, not just report on what didn’t work but how to make it work and so I hope you’ll join us in making the goals famous.”
It is a comprehensive agenda and they want you, all seven billion of you to dig deeper and have a conversation about it.

Source: SABCNews



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