outreachECIn June 2015 SABC Education’s Outreach unit spent time at Masizakhe High School, Mdeni Village, Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape.

The visit is in line with the Raise Your Hand campaign that undertakes face to face engagement and active community involvement.

 The campaign is to put into action the culture of self-development which is characterised by an inclusive and collaborative approach to the improvement of education in our country and an increased respect for the value of education.

In spite of the threatening rain the event saw the planting of trees that were sourced from Trees for Africa, painting the school and encouraging learners, teachers and parents to be involved in uplifting the standards of education and to own the process.  Female learners were given sanitary packs donated by Imbali Projects an NGO with a national footprint.

SABC Education, SABC Eastern Cape Provincial General Manager and Umhlobo Wenene were key partners at the event. Umhlobo Wenene conducted live interviews and Mr Zola Yeye, SABC Eastern Cape Genera Manager was the keynote speaker. The event was a news bulletin item for the day on Umhlobo Wenene and Tru FM.

Raise Your Hand encourages active participation from learners, educators, school governing bodies and communities to contribute to the success of education, starting by making 2015 a year of excellence.

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