Lies of the land - government’s deeply questionable Land Audit

Government’s Land Audit - widely quoted as a central reference point in the debate around land reform – is a deeply questionable source of information.

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Digital training course for educators to be launched

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Raising Babies 101 on 'You Decide, The Big Question and Babies’ Health'

This weekly talk series is for first time parents and every caregiver in South Africa. Presented by Carol Ofori, she is joined by a studio-audience and covers every issue that affects parents – from nutrition to scolding toddlers the correct way and the latest nappies.

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JSE invites youth to 2018 Investment Challenge

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) invites learners and students, who are interested in investment and stock markets, to register for their 2018 JSE Investment Challenge.

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Carol Ofori a seasoned broadcaster and Raising Babies presenter

Carol Ofori is a seasoned broadcaster and qualified journalist with an Honours degree in Brand Management from Vega School of Branding. She was previously known as Carol Ralefeta.

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What South Africa needs to do to beat unemployment

Data in the 2018 edition of the South Africa Survey, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR), underlines the urgent need for investment, economic growth and policy reforms, especially in education, if the country is to reduce its high unemployment figures.

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