Are you a Brother for Life?

A Brother for Life takes responsibility for his actions, he chooses a single partner over multiple, his self worth is not determined by the number of women he can have, he makes no excuses for unprotected sex even after drinking, he supports his partner and protects his children, and he respects women and never lifts a hand to them.

This Brother knows that the choices he makes today, will determine tomorrow. Are you that man? Do you know that man?

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Projections predict severe maize shortages and soaring prices

By Justin Hayward, Communications Consultant of Lion's Wing Brand Communications

The maize price has been fluctuating over the last decade and has very rarely steadied for long periods of time due to various supply and demand factors. The more demand there is for commodities such as maize, the more the prices are set to increase. Similarly, the less maize there is produced in a year the more the demand for it rises. It has overall however exhibited a general rise in price over the period at an average of 12.77 % per year.

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Ispani and Jewellery Design on 11 July

On the  11th July, Ispani will be focusing on Jewellery Design. In South Africa we have an abundance of resources to supply the industry…but we don’t have the skills…technology has dramatically changed the manufacturing and design processes and we have not kept pace with international trends…

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Baba Indaba heading for Durban!

The SABC Education Baba Indaba takes place from 27th to 29th July at the Gateway Shopping Mall between 09h30 and 17h00 daily.  Entrance is R50 per adult, children 6 years and up R20.00 and under 6 free.

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Apply Now: Funding for Post School Education - week 2 - 6 July 2012.

khetha logoNext week on Khetha a radio partnership between SAQA, DHET and SABC Education the topic will focus on Post school Education.

Funding for post school education
Post schooling is a good thing to do by people who need to further their studies. However young people are sometimes confronted with challenges on how they will pay for their studies. Listeners need to know that if they, or their children, intend studying further, they should secure money to pay for their studies. There are a number of ways in which this can be done.  To find out more about funding for post school keep listening to the Khetha radio programme brought to you by SAQA, DHET and SABC Education.

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Take Action: Mandela Day to focus on education

This year, the Nelson Mandela International Day’s emphasis will be on Education. “If our kids can have a good environment to study they should become better people in future,” said Sello Hatang the Nelson Mandela Foundation's Information and Communication Manager, and spokesperson spoke to SABC’s Morning Live programme.

This year, the Nelson Mandela International Day’s emphasis will be on Education.

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