Kami, Takalani Sesame’s HIV+ Muppet is off to Washington with Gerry D Elsdon

Takalani Sesame Muppet; Kami will accompany Global TB Ambassador Gerry D Elsdon to Washington to represent South African Children in a live broadcast talk event: Talk on Tuberculosis and HIV, Protecting the Vulnerable Women and Children.

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Circumcision - Siyayinqoba Beat It! SABC1 19 July @13h30

Today on Siyayinqoba Beat It! a group of young men in Kwazulu/Natal go to the hospital to be circumcised. They speak about why they decided to get circumcised. In the Eastern Cape a young man who is a diabetic tells how he went to a traditional circumcision camp and then became ill and had to be taken to hospital because he was not allowed to drink water at the camp and had to hide his diabetic medication and take it when no-one could see him doing it.

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Panel Beating on iSpani SABC1 at 13h30

On Wednesday 18th July 2012 iSpani takes us into the world of panel beating.  Although fewer than 30% of South African households have a car we do have many commercial vehicles on the road and the damage that we regularly inflict on our personal and business vehicles creates a steady stream of work.  This work ranges from small scratches to major rebuilds; requiring skilled technicians to repair everything from a tatty old taxi to a regal Rolls Royce.  They remove dents, straighten bent auto-bodies and replace crushed parts.

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Pontsho Makhetha lead SABC Education to kick start Madiba Day

Today, 17th July Matrics Uploaded and SABC Education spent time visiting the children’s home uSindiso Ministries in central Johannesburg as part of reaching out to communities in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

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Is Polo an elitist sport? Talk SA, 24th July

Aya Mpama’s hit single Ngithathe is rapidly moving up the charts on Kaya FM’s Top 40.  SABC1 viewers will know Aya as the host of Soul Sundays.  The songstress is also presenter of Talk SA on SABC2 Tuesdays at 11h30.  As the host of Talk SA Aya deals with nation building issues that affect South Africans on a daily basis; from questions of youth identity, rights of women in culture, literacy, and the importance of domestic animals in our lives to male role models.  “Being part of Talk SA is a daily reminder of challenges we face as a country” says Aya.

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Matrics Uploaded on Nationwide Mzansi Tour!

Matrics Uploaded is off on a nationwide tour of Mzansi this year.  The Class of 2012 will get the chance to meet the Matrics Uploaded team at various Youth Centres throughout the country where visitors will learn how to become Citizen Journalists.

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