Matrics Uploaded heading to Eastern Cape as part of their Nationwide Mzansi Tour!

The next stop of the Matrics Uploaded nationwide tour of Mzansi is the Eastern Cape.  The Class of 2012 will get the chance to meet the Matrics Uploaded team at the Umtata Youth Centre on 1 September where visitors will learn how to become Citizen Journalists.  Visit the Youth Centre to learn all about Citizen Journalism. Tell us what’s news in your school, or just give us ‘shout outs’ and stand a chance to feature on the live show.  Lucky visitors will also win awesome prizes.

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Academics to resume at TUT

Academic activities at the Tshwane University of Technology will resume on Monday. Violent student protests brought the institution to a standstill last week. The university closed all its campuses leaving hundreds of students stranded.

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Western Cape is next stop for Matrics Uploaded’s Nationwide Mzansi Tour!

Matrics Uploaded is off on a nationwide tour of Mzansi this year.  The team will visit the Knysna Youth Centre in the Western Cape on Saturday 25 August. The Class of 2012 will get the chance to meet the Matrics Uploaded team at various Youth Centres throughout the country where visitors will learn how to become Citizen Journalists. 

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Changing Weather Patterns and the Impact on Agriculture

Much talk about global warming and changing weather patterns has been on the fore of agricultural discussions over the last decade or two, however, we now seem to be experiencing much of these long anticipated problems. Despite efforts around the world to curb the practices that encourage these changes in weather, the drive of progress continues to create conditions that exacerbate the problem states Advanced Nutrients MD Frank Winder.

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Forklifting on i’Spani at 13h30 on SABC1 - 22 August

Despite contrary belief, forklift operators are in dire need. The operations of a forklift are quite technical and in order to drive a forklift, one requires a special forklift license and specific skills to use the machine.

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5 Ways to Restore Educational Quality

Education quality is probably the most important thing to the development of a child, and really to the long term health of most countries. It is extremely important to foster the growth of the mind, from a young age, up until old age. Many countries have cut budgets to schooling, which is a huge mistake. Not only that, the parents themselves at times, seem to busy to help their child get ahead. But luckily this can be changed with small adjustments, and some new ways of thinking.

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