Hola hamonate we talk about the elderly and pets

Meet my companion on Hola hamonate SABC2 Tuesday 4th December at 11am. This week on Hola hamonate we talk about the elderly and pets. As we age the chances of experiencing loneliness increases due to losing loved ones and not living with children.

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Animation on iSpani – SABC1 on 5th December 2012

3D animation is digitally modelled and manipulated by an animator using computer graphics, or computer generated imagery, using both still and moving image elements.

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Learners need practical work experience: Nzimande

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has called on companies in the public and private sectors to create space for FET and CETA learners to gain practical work experience. (Picture source: www.polity.org.za).

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A future view of farming

With threats to farming, such as drought, a burgeoning population, land scarcity, soil fertility depletion, super strains of infections, and extreme weather patterns, food security is ever increasingly becoming a topic of major concern for governments around the world.

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Only 10 percent of graduates able to find jobs - Research

Parents pay dearly for the privilage of educating their kids with no guarantee of returns. An alternative to consider is Further Education and Training colleges, which offer practical job skills.

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We are looking for One Day Leaders!

We are looking for One Day Leaders! In an era of public labour and service delivery protests, with unstable markets and economic downturns, our nation is challenged even more to produce tomorrow’s leaders who will stand up and be counted. To safeguard the nation, we need visionary leaders who will take the country to new heights of an economic and democratic dispensation.

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