The Golden Years - Laingsburg’s Fighting Spirit with Steven Schippers

Tuesday at 11h00 on SABC2, 20 August 2013: Steven Schippers was just 8 years old when his family relocated from Laingsburg to Cape Town. He shares his story from the day his mom took him to a school where he felt abandoned because his mom and aunt left without talking to him. Having only 10 percent vision made it worse. Steven inherited Retinitis Pigmentosa from his mother.

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Nal’ibali Increases Access to Children's Stories in 11 Official Languages

In partnership with SABC Education, Nal’ibali, the national reading-for-enjoyment campaign, has recently launched a children’s radio programme on 11 SABC public radio stations. Airing children’s stories in all official languages three times a week, the partners are working together to create the conditions that inspire and sustain reading-for-enjoyment practices using oral storytelling - a vital tool in literacy development.

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Creating Conversations and Partnerships

The SABC in pursuit of implementing one of its stakeholder engagement strategies hosted the Community Television Broadcasting sector on the 31st of July, Ground Floor Auditorium. The meeting, led by the Chairperson of the SABC Board Ms. Zandile Tshabalala was part of living the SABC’s value of conversations and partnerships.

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Celebrating the Queens of the SABC

SABC Women gathered at the K1 Canteen, Auckland Park to embrace their achievements, face their struggles and bask in the essence of simply being a woman. The prestigious and grandeur event befitting of all the SABC women-folk took place on Thursday, 8 August 2013. The ambiance was filled with the spirit of femininity from the wisdom shared to the warmth embraced amongst all who gathered. 

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Cheers to Many Years of Nation Building News!

The 1st of August 2013, which was also the day the SABC first cut its teeth 77 years ago as a broadcasting hub, once again saw the corporation achieving the greatest milestone any media house can dream of - a 24-hour news channel. The launch took place at Studio 7 and the switch on was at 6 PM. The President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, Minister of Communications, Mr. Yunus Carim and the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Dr. Thomas Thabane were among many other prominent audience who came to celebrate this enormous achievement of the SABC and history in the making.

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Women who fought against unjust laws

Every journey begins with just a single step; most are filled with joy and the promise of a safe arrival. There are however times when taking the first step requires untold sacrifice. In June 1913 about 700 women marched to the Bloemfontein City Council in the Orange Free State in defiance of the pass system.

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