Deadline Looming for 2020 Online Admissions Closure

The Gauteng Department of Education’s online application period for 2020 admissions opened at 08:00 on 20 May 2019 and will close on Monday, 22 July 2019 at 24:00 (midnight).

We would like to caution parents who have not yet applied for admission of learners to be admitted to Grade 1 and Grade 8 in 2020 that they have exactly ONE school day to apply online before the admissions application period closes. Applications can be made by logging on to www.gdeadmissions.gov.za or by visiting the nearest School, District or Head Office for assistance.

“As a Province, we are pleased that the parent population and stakeholders in Gauteng have embraced the use of the Online Application. This groundbreaking Online Application has provided the department with credible and reliable information. We will, therefore, continue to enhance this system and link it to other existing government systems, to further strengthen the credibility of the information attained” Said MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

To demonstrate that parents have embraced the Online Application System, the highest number of applications was recorded for Admissions 2020 when the system went live on 20 May 2019. A total of 220 802 (Grade 1: 105 241 and Grade 8: 115 561) applications, which reflects an increase of 146 964 (67%) applications compared to the Opening Day of Admissions 2019, that had 73 838 (Grade 1: 39 212 and Grade 8: 34 626) applications registered.

As at 17 July 2019, a total of 298 003 (Grade 1: 154 264 and Grade 8: 143 739) applications were registered for the 2020 Academic Year.

The Department has been reasonable and considerate to allow for the first time in the history of Online Admissions in Gauteng, that the Application Period remained open for applications during the June/July school holidays (18 June 2019 – 8 July 2019), essentially allowing parents an additional 15 week-days to make applications. Our records reflect that parents took full advantage of this opportunity, as 8 069 applications were registered during that period.

We are deeply disturbed that 62 028 of the 298 003applicants have not submitted the required documents to schools. Parents will not receive offers of placement from schools where no documents were submitted.

However, to accommodate parents that could not submit documents within Seven Days following the application and those who made applications during the school holidays, provision has been made for schools to accept documents until 31 July 2019 at 14:00. No further extension will be granted. Parents must submit documents to all the schools that they applied to. When submitting documents, parents must receive a receipt to acknowledge the submission of documents accordingly.

We are pleased to announce that all challenges experienced during Day 1 of the Application Period have been resolved. To facilitate a common understanding among all schools, the Department mediated the process to manage Waiting Lists using a Step by Step Guideline with all schools from 10 July 2019 to 19 July 2019. This process will ensure that Waiting Lists are adequately prepared for placement. In addition, verification of all school’s Waiting Lists will be conducted at District and Head Office level from 1 to 29 August 2019. During this period parents are urged to respond to a communication from the Department especially requests made using SMS.

The Placement Period for Admission 2020 will commence on 30 August 2019 and close on 31 October 2019. It must be noted that placement offers will NOT be sent to ALL parents on the same day, as the Department will be processing offers systematically daily in line with the order of application options outlined in the Admissions Regulations. Placement offers will be sent to parents until on 31 October 2019. Parents are therefore urged to remain calm if they do not receive offers immediately after the commencement of the placement period. Subsequently, they may make a follow up after 31 October 2019, only if they did not receive any offers of placement.

Placement offers will be sent to parents via SMS. However, parents must accept offers Online by logging on to www.gdeadmissions.gov.za, or by visiting the nearest School, District or Head Office, within Seven Days. If the parent does not accept ONE offer of placement within Seven Days, the learner will automatically be placed at one of the schools that made the offer. Parents are therefore urged to accept offers as soon as they are received.

Furthermore, parents are advised that the Waiting List Numbers allocated (WA1 to WA4) will not be the basis to allocate placement. Information in the system and the documents provided will be considered to justify placement offers.

Admissions Criteria will be applied as per Regulation 7 (2) and (3) of the Admissions Regulations which provides that:

(2) An applicant for an entry phase admission to a school is eligible for  

       admission if―

  1. a)the applicant learner’s place of residence is closest to the school within the feeder zone;
  2. b)the applicant learner has a sibling attending the school;
  3. c)the place of employment of at least one of the applicant learner’s parents is within the feeder zone of the school;
  4. d)the applicant learner’s place of residence is within a 30-kilometer radius of the school; or
  5. e)the applicant learner’s place of residence is beyond a 30-kilometer radius of the school.

(3)The ranking of the applications for admission shall be in the order of the categories referred to in paragraphs (a) to (e) of sub-regulation (2) and in the order in which the applications were received.

Parents may receive more than ONE offer of placement should the learner qualify for placement at more than one of the schools applied to. However, parents can accept ONLY ONE offer.

Ultimately, the capacity of each school will determine the number of applicants that receive placement offers and the number of learners finally admitted to the school.

Parents must take note that No Late Applications will be processed for the 2020 Academic Year.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those parents who came in numbers to apply for the 2020 academic year,” said MEC Lesufi.

For more information, contact the Gauteng Department of Education’s Spokesperson, Steve Mabona on 072 574 3860.

Issued by the Gauteng Department of Education

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