NDA in new partnership with SABC Education Living Land show

640x360The National Development Agency (NDA) has joined forces with SABC Education for the production of 13 episodes of the popular Living Land programme, screened weekly on SABC2.

In line with its government mandate to contribute to the eradication of poverty and its causes in South Africa, the NDA has voiced its appreciation for the sustained efforts of Living Land to educate emerging and smallholder farmers and to uplift rural communities in our country.

“For more than a decade Living Land has made an invaluable contribution towards inspiring black farmers to return to the land and to create wealth for our rural communities by applying proven modern agricultural techniques. Our new partnership will ensure that the NDA helps to build more cohesive communities that are able to tackle the triple threat of poverty, unemployment, and inequality,” says Thamo Mzobe, CEO of the NDA.

South Africa has roughly 2,5 million emerging farmers who are largely excluded from the mainstream agricultural economy. They face many challenges including land issues, access to finance and diverse production modes which make their survival difficult in the modern agricultural arena. The government wants the agriculture sector, especially smallholder farming, to contribute to the creation of around one million jobs.

Currently in its eleventh consecutive series, Living Land traditionally features all things agricultural in South Africa, with special focus on smallholders and emerging farmers, as well as rural development throughout the country.

The new series sheds light on a host of exciting new applicable technological advances in agriculture and specifically features exciting opportunities for young viewers – not only in farming but also in associated activities like agro-processing, marketing, engineering, and research. The series also takes a long, hard look at land reform from a practical standpoint and gets the views and experiences of the people that really matter – the farmers.

SABC Commissioning Editor Cookie Mona says the collaborative partnership with the NDA serves the goals and objectives of both organisations. “By pooling resources with worthy development initiatives, we can deliver more value to this important cause. SABC Education is committed to playing a leading role in informing and uplifting farmers especially in our country’s rural areas. International research shows that the active development of a country’s agricultural sector has a much greater potential to create jobs and boost the economy than any other sector,” she explained.

The popular weekly episodes of Living Land are now screened in a new time slot at 14:00 on Saturday afternoons on SABC2.

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