Hectic Nine-9 Celebrates 3000 Episiodes on 16th July 2019

At 4pm on Tuesday, 16th July 2019, Hectic Nine-9 will make history by celebrating their 3000th episode on South Africa’s small screen! That’s 12 years and counting of non-stop teen entertainment for our fantastic SABC2 Audience – and it’s time to celebrate!

To mark the 3000th Episode for Hectic Nine-9, we would like to thank our viewers by giving away a host of prizes that will be sure to make a teen’s jaw drop! From, smartphones to data, HN9 has everything a #hectic high schooler could ever want to enjoy the rest of their year.

What’s more - we won’t be waiting until the 16th July for our #Hectic3000 giveaway! We’ve already started our giveaway with a range of Spot Prizes on Hectic Nine-9 in the build up to a Grand Prize giveaway on 16th July! And we hope to continue the celebrations for many, many more episodes, so keep tuning in to SABC2 from 4:30-5pm every week day to be in the know of our future prize giveaways!

Engter the 3000th Episode Prize Give Away!!!!, click here.

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