This week on Khetha #26

Radio Stations: SABC Radio Stations
Topic: Careerhelp Website
Original Script Written by: Ayanda Nkabinde
Script edited by: Celimpilo Khumalo
Programme Date: 1 – 4 July 2019
Week: 26
Target Audience: The general public

Script Notes:

  • The programme is titled: Careerhelp Website.
  • This script will be translated to other official languages and broadcast on 13Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) radio stations.
  • The programme is characterized by the radio presenter and a guest from the Department of Higher Education and Training.
  • The radio presenter is the main anchor of the programme and he/she will control the activities on the programme.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To introduce the Careerhelp website to the public
  • To create awareness about the Careerhelp website and ensure that the public at large is aware of its existence
  • To expose the public to the content held within the Careerhelp website
  • To raise public awareness about content that is key to track within the Careerhelp website

The entire programme runs for 30 minutes; which includes Public Services announcements (PSAs).

Opening Billboard: ‘This programme is brought to you by the Department of Higher Education and Training in partnership with SABC Education.’

Programme Introduction

Presenter: Good day and a warm welcome to all our listeners. It is time for another exciting episode of Khetha, brought to you by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in partnership with SABC Education. Today we will be talking about the Careerhelp website which is one of the online platform offerings by CDS. These platforms also include the Information Hub and the National Career Advice Portal. The aim of the show is to introduce users to a great resource available to them that consists of information that can help them make informed career choices irrespective of which stage of their career they are at. This show will give listeners an idea of how information is structured on the website, where to look for specific information and what to expect when they go onto the website. This website can be a very great resource for all individuals from different walks of life, especially those who are not sure which direction to follow in their career or those who are at a point where they have to make a career decision that will impact their entire career.

To help us unpack this topic today; we are joined by ******** from ********. Welcome, it’s good to have you on the show.

Guest: Thank you for having me on the show, greetings to you and all the listeners.

Presenter: Can you tell us what exactly the Careerhelp website is?

Guest: Before speaking about the Careerhelp website let me also tell you about the online platforms within the Career Development Services’ offering. Career Development Services offers a range of online platforms our listeners can make good use of while they are on their career journey. These platforms are the information Hub, aimed at Career Development Practitioners; the National Career Advice Portal (NCAP), aimed at learners; and the Careerhelp website aimed at the entire public. We will be focusing on the Careerhelp website today. The Careerhelp website is a one-stop shop for career-related matters. This site is an information resource designed to help all individuals make an informed career decision. It is designed to provide the public at large with quality career information and advice. The site hosts a wide range of valuable, informative and enlightening information targeting different members of the public. The purpose of the Careerhelp website is to contribute towards ensuring that the citizens of South Africa make informed career decisions which will contribute to their career success.

Presenter: That’s interesting, can you tell us how the Careerhelp website can be accessed?

Guest: Firstly, in order to access the website, you need to have an internet connection if you are using a desktop computer, or have data if you are using your mobile device. You need to open your internet browser and type in the following link: www.careerhelp.org.za. It is very important to note that the website has been designed to accommodate different kinds of devices, so whether you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a cell phone the site will adjust and adapt itself to the type of device you are using.

Presenter: Wow, this site sounds very user-friendly. Can you tell us who the site is for or who the target audiences are?

Guest: The Careerhelp website is for all individuals from different walks of life and at different stages in their careers. That being said, the following individuals are able to find information on the website that caters to their needs with relative ease:

  • Learners: any individual who is currently in school or any form of basic education.
  • Students: any individual studying towards a higher education qualification.
  • Unemployed youth: any individual between the ages of 18 and 35 who are not employed looking to find employment, entrepreneurship opportunities or further their stud.
  • Career Practitioners: any individual who provides services that help people manage their careers, make career and study decisions, plan career transitions and find career information.
  • Employed individuals: any individual who is working and looking to enhance their career prospects, intending to progress in their career or just looking to improve their personal skills.
  • Entrepreneurs: any individual who is interested in starting his/her own business or finding means to access funding for their business.
  • Parents: any person or guardian who is looking to assist their child make informed career decisions and help their child make choices that will benefit them in their future career endeavours.
  • Job Seekers: any individual looking for employment, looking to improve their employability and make themselves a preferred candidate when seeking employment.

Presenter: That’s quite a wide range of users, can you tell us more about how is it structured in terms of its content?

Guest: The website is structured to simplify access to information that speaks to specific individuals without them struggling to find it. For ease of use the site is divided into 3 sections:

  • The Universal Section: This section consists of information for all individuals. It is important for me to highlight that in this section you will find information about Career Development Services such as details about what Career Development Services is and what it offers. You will also find information that most individuals look for. Key information in this area is information on what funding opportunities are available, what entry-level job opportunities are available and where you can find career centres, career publications and much more.

  • The Audience Specific Section: This section consists of information that is organised to speak to the groups mentioned before, namely:
    • Learners;
    • Students;
    • Unemployed youth;
    • Career Practitioners;
    • Employed individuals;
    • Entrepreneurs;
    • Parents; and
    • Job seekers.

This section provides customised information for those individuals focusing on career development.

  • The General Section: This section consists of general information for users’ perusal and Career Development Services contact information. Key to this section is to note the NCAP link and the Information Hub link. These links lead you to a wide range of information that can assist you to make great career choices. We urge Career Practitioners to click on the Information Hub link as this will give them access to a wide range of information relevant to them, which can also help them to assist their clients. We also urge learners and other individuals looking to make a choice regarding what career to choose, what to study and where to study, to click on the NCAP link. Here they will find a wide range of resources that will help them to make those choices. You will also find information on how to contact us and information about the entities we partner within the effort to provide career development services.

Presenter: Can you tell us more about what the website actually offers in terms of its content?

Guest: First and foremost, the Careerhelp website offers users the opportunity to make an informed career decision. That is the core focus of the website. In the effort to do that, various information has been collated and compiled on the website with this question in mind, “What information do people need to make an informed career decision?”

The Learner section covers information that learners would generally need when making career choices. Here, you will find information on subject choice, career choice, higher education institutions, higher education information, study funding information and careers in demand.

In the Student section, you will find information that can help support you on your journey as a student. You will find information on study tips, study funding information, information on entry into the world of work and higher education readiness information.

In the section dedicated to Unemployed youth, you will find information relaying the realities faced by unemployed youth, entrepreneurship information, information for furthering your studies, information on public employment programmes, employability information, information on entry-level employment opportunities and most importantly information on career guidance.

On the section dedicated to Career Practitioners, you will be lead to the Information Hub which is an amazing resource developed for individuals providing career advice and information. Here, you will find resources and tools for providing career advice. You will find information on your career development as a Career Development Practitioner and most importantly, you will find an engagement platform dedicated to discussing career development topics.

On the section dedicated to Employed individuals, you will find information that caters to the needs of individuals looking to progress in their careers and develop themselves. Here, you can expect to find information on career progression, changing careers, things you should do and things you should avoid doing in the workplace, information on lifelong learning and information that can help you explore and realise your potential.

On the Entrepreneurship section, you will find information that focuses on the needs of individual planning to become an entrepreneur. Here, you will find information on what an entrepreneur is, what entrepreneurship is, types of businesses, steps on starting a business and funding available for starting a business.

On the Parent section is information developed for parents or guardians who have children they need to advise and provide career guidance and information to. Here you will find information on how you can support your child at different stages of their career, study and funding information and information on higher education institutions.

Then, in the Jobseeker section, you will find information that can assist you as a job seeker, whether you want to find another job, start a business or improve your employment prospects. In this section, there is information on entrepreneurship, employability, dealing with retrenchment, recruitment agencies to be wary of any job search sites.

The Careerhelp website basically caters to individuals at all levels of their career development, irrespective of where their starting point is.

Presenter: What would you say are the key sections of the website that the audience needs to follow?

Guest: The website has specific information that is updated on a regular basis; this information is kept very current because of the nature of its demand. We know that our various target audiences are always looking for specific career opportunities to help them get their careers started. We believe that the information that our target audience will always find very useful is:

-       Funding for your studies: It is very important for users looking to fund their studies to visit the section regularly because they will find funding opportunities posted in this section. This section can be found on the Universal section of the website, under the Funding link.

-       Education and training opportunities: It is key for users looking for entry-level job opportunities to visit this section regularly because information about the internship, learnership, and apprenticeship opportunities are posted regularly. This section can also be found on the Universal section of the website under the Education and training opportunities link.

-       Khetha radio shows: It is key for all users to visit the page on a weekly basis. It is situated under the CDS services section also on the Universal section of the site. Here, weekly radio show topics are posted on the Khetha radio show page and it contains the schedule of radio shows. It would be beneficial for users to listen to these shows as various important career-related topics are discussed on a weekly basis.

Presenter: Besides the benefits mentioned above, what other benefits does the site offer?

Guest: The site has contact information that all our listeners can use to contact our Helpline for additional career advice. More importantly, there is a LiveChat facility that pops up on the site which users can use to chat with our Career Advisors. This allows you to ask for career advice whilst you are on the site and ask for any career-related information you need and are struggling to find. What is also quite important is that in a case where one would like to engage with someone on a face-to-face basis, we have provided a list of career centres on the website where one can go to. You can also see the entities we partner within the effort to provide career development services.

From the Careerhelp website, you can also follow our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), by just clicking on the relevant social media icons. We really encourage users to follow our social media pages because we also provide updates on various opportunities available for entry-level employment, funding for your studies and other activities we are involved in as CDS.

Presenter: Any last words enclosure for our listeners?

Guest: The Careerhelp website is a great way to find information that can help you get to the next level of your career. It can be very useful to different individuals. We really encourage listeners to make good use of it. It is also important to remember that this site has dynamic information that keeps changing, therefore; they need to keep checking it to find out what new opportunities are available and what new information is there that has an impact on them and their career.

Presenter: Thank you. So how can one get in touch with you if they need further information?

Guest: For more information, our listeners can reach us through:

  1. SMS with your question or send a “please call me” to 072 204 5056, or
  2. Call 086 999 0123, which is a call share line, from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm,
  3. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  4. Visit our newly revamped website,
  5. Visit our offices at 123 Francis Baard, Pretoria
  6. Facebook at www.facebook.com/careerhelp or,
  7. Twitter at

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Closing Billboard: ‘This programme was brought to you by the Department of Higher Education and Training in partnership with SABC Education’.

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