Lizzy Thobakgale on Skeem Saam

#SkeemSaam airs every weeknight on SABC 1 at 18.30pm

Amanda Manku is a South African television presenter and actress best known for playing the character of Lizzy Thobakgale on Skeem Saam and made her acting debut in the second half of the series (Skeem Saam 2) in 2013.

Born in Limpopo and raised in Johannesburg, Amanda is the eldest daughter of five children. From a young age she had dreams of being in the media industry.

Her first television appearance was at the age of 16 as a talk show host for Soweto TV. She later worked as a presenter on YOTV, Matrics Uploaded and the morning educational show Geleza Nathi.

When she landed her role on Skeem Saam she was busy with her final year of studies towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Picture at AFDA.

In the show, Elizabeth Lizzy Thobakgale is a tough cookie who isn’t shy to speak her mind. She is in your face and she makes no apologies about it.

And close to reaching the end of her medical studies she is looking forward to be finally working as a successful professional Doctor in Turfloop.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been as successful in her past relationships. More so now that she has found herself in the middle of a love triangle, along with Kwaito and Glenda.

Kwaito and Lizzy have been long-time friends, until the two experienced an unexpected attraction to each other. With Kwaito now juggling 2 women that both demand 100% of his attention he seems to be finding hard to make them both happy all the time.

With constantly having to compete with another woman, will Lizzy stick around until Kwaito makes up his mind or will she call it quits?      

#SkeemSaam airs every weeknight on SABC 1 at 18.30pm. 

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