SA Takes to the Polls to Redefine and Realign itself with its Citizenry

SA Takes to the Polls to Redefine and Realign itself with its Citizenry 

By Themba Mnguni, Assistant Commissioning Editor, SABC Education - wrote in his personal capacity: The 8th of May 2019 marks a critical day in the history of South Africa. Having achieved its first democratic elections in 1994, in South Africa will be embarking on its sixth election under democracy.

It has been quite a journey, where the South African political landscape has evolved from one space to another.  The creation of democratic institutions as labelled in chapter 9 has really paved the way and enabled South Africa to a have a robust and mature democracy.

Under the democratic realm, many milestones have been achieved as propelled and fuelled, of significance is the right to dissent/ protest.   Many South Africans have wisely used this right to enforce the constitutional provisions by holding the state to account.    

The South African Human Rights Commission,   Public Protector and other chapter 9 bodies have played a critical role in safeguarding the constitutional democracy of South Africa.   While not ignoring the work of the office for Auditor General, in diagnosing and prognosing maladministration, with the intension of improving service delivery and not forgetting a free and ‘democratic media’.

All these milestones have been achieved because South Africans decided to stand together and exercised their right to vote, in order to define the political landscape, its governance and leadership.

May the 8th, marks a very crucial day where more of this milestones can be achieved, and even improved upon.

The Independent Electoral Act or Voting Act may look and sound profane by its own nature, sadly, it is still thee very ideal that caused the loss of many innumerable lives, broken families and suppression in its many forms.

Going to the polls, the questions we should all be asking ourselves is: what role are we going to play as individuals in our own space and time in spreading the wheels of democracy? Are we champions and patrons of the South African Constitution? And how do we live the SA Constitution on our everyday lives?

The answer to these questions will determine the value we place in our history, constitution and in building a better South Africa, and how much we value the 08 May 2019.  

“It is my dream and hope to vote for a South Africa which will came together after the elections and embraced one another with a notion of building a united and prosperous South Africa”, urged Mnguni.