Hectic Nine-9 Expands Bouquet of Teen Viewing from 06 May 2019!

SABC2’s long-standing teen show Hectic Nine-9 is set to push the boundaries of television once again! Starting 6th May 2019 Hectic Nine-9 launches 2 brand new formats to include in the programme’s weekly viewing bouquet.

Starting 6th May 2019, Hectic Nine-9 will launch a series of fresh new formats on SABC2 from 4:30pm-5:00pm every Monday to Friday. These new formats will form the start of a new direction for the Hectic Nine-9 umbrella brand by mixing our longstanding live television shows with dedicated format episodes.

To kick off the week, Hectic Nine-9 revamps their live television offering under the #HecticLIVE banner. Every Monday from 6th May 2019 we offer our viewers the chance to be in the know and up to date with the youth culture of South Africa - so in each #HecticLIVE episode expect the best of teen current affairs and trending news, with online conversation at every step of the way.

The all new #HecticLIVE rebrand features a new look and feel, a few fresh new faces, as well as new segments in the popular magazine show that embrace teen connectivity across South Africa. We also celebrate teenagers across South Africa through the #FutureNow segment – where we ask teens to nominate their peers via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a chance for a nationwide mention on Hectic Nine-9!

Our first format launch happens on Wednesday 15th May in the form of a brand new teen Game Show. On #HecticPLAY Wednesdays, we kick off this exciting new HN9 original format, the Hectic Guru Cup! In this 13 part series, teams of 2 lucky teens compete against 17 other teams in a series of challenges that test their mental and physical skills – all for a grand prize incentive in the final round on Wednesday 1st August 2019!

Next on the Hectic Nine-9 bouquet is the popular #HecticTalk Thursdays. From Thursday 9th May, the teen-centric Talk Show will push the limits by diving into the issues that the youth of South Africa face and sharing opinions and advice using the small screen and online platforms in every 24-minute episode. #HecticTalk offers teens a chance to express their views as we Take The Mic, Share The Mic and Drop The Mic on pressing issues each week.

To round off the week, Hectic Nine-9 brings our viewers a refreshed and rebranded #HecticLOUD Music Magazine Show every Friday from 10th May 2019! Every Friday, our viewers can expect to turn up the volume as they enter the weekend as #HecticLOUD brings the best in music and entertainment news, the hottest artists in the nation, as well as an exploration of popular music genres in Mzansi!


Hectic Nine-9 is the longstanding youth brand that airs on SABC2 every Monday to Friday from 4:30pm-5pm. As a teen magazine show, Hectic Nine-9 offers a variety of programming that appeals to the entire family, including interviews, profiles, challenges, trends, current affairs, location inserts and engaging info on a wide range of topics!

What makes us #Hectic is the way in which anything could happen on the show! We pick up on trending topics on the daily, and our energetic presenters deliver high-impact ‘must see’ experiences for 24 minutes of live TV at its best. Hectic Nine-9 also offers live interaction on a variety of social media platforms every single day to amplify our television offering.

Tune into Hectic Nine-9 on SABC2 every Monday to Friday from 4:30pm – 5pm for the latest in teen entertainment! For more information on Hectic Nine-9 please visit www.hn9.co.za, or follow us on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

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