Nozi Langa plays in Skeem Saam as Glenda Mogotsi

“Any aspirations one has in life are as possible as one believes them to be. First step is to note down what is you want out of life. Visualize it, pray about it, breathe it, eat it, believe it, dream it, attract it in every way possible, and together with that, contribute towards it with all the energy within your being.

Expand your knowledge and skills and educate yourself towards these interests. Invest your time and effort into it and it will manifest into reality” These are the words that Nozi Langa lives by everyday.

Nozi is originally Sepedi speaking girl born and raised Polokwane. From the age of fourteen she knew that her destiny was entertainment which was a slight juxtaposition to her personality due to the fact that she was always encouraged to be a closed off individual while growing up, however when the lights and camera’s go on, the passion pushes beyond the supposed boundaries.

At the age of fifteen she formally began to invest in her acting, studying dramatic arts at Prestige College, and joined an acting agency.

She then proceeded to Wits University where she completed her BA Honours in Dramatic Arts. She was involved in many different theatre projects as well as student camera projects. She is currently working on Skeem Saam, playing the character of Glenda Mogotsi. The character has been in existence since March 2017.

Speaking of which, not taking the opportunity to study in Geneva, ‘Glenda’ decided to finish her studies at Turfloop University.

And now that she is closer to her dear boyfriend Kwaito, only fireworks are expected to go off between the two. But… drama awaits! Let’s see if their relationship will be able to stand the challenges about to come their way!    

#SkeemSaam airs every weeknight on SABC 1 at 18.30. 

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