The passionate and ambitious Liza van Deventer of Skeem Saam

The passionate and ambitious Liza van Deventer of Skeem Saam

Long blonde hair and blue eyes equals a hot bombshell. Well, in most cases and definitely when it comes to Liza van Deventer. She is a South African actress and dancer, who has even spent a few years working and studying in Los Angeles. Lucky girl! We struggle to hide our jealousy.

Trained in almost every style of dance, Liza performs regularly. And although acting and dancing are her passions, she loves to surf, is an environmentalist who loves exploring the coastline of South Africa. She is also vegan and believes in living a cruelty free compassionate lifestyle

We all know her for her role as Candice Erasmus on Skeem Saam. She is a graduate of Polokwane Culinary Academy and is passionate about food and cooking. So passionate in fact, that she decided to go into a partnership with her boyfriend Kat Petersen in running Capsys Restaurant in the hopes of owning it one day.

They both realise however, that running your own business takes a lot of risk, sacrifice and hard work. And those are things that both of them are willing to put in. And hard work always pays off!  

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