Granny’s gambling addiction

Fafi or fa-fi (pronounced fah-fee), also known as mo-china, is a form of betting played particularly by those living in South Africa.

Fafi participants choose the number they want to gamble on by interpreting their dreams. Unfortunately it is also a pass time that Granny has gotten accustomed to.

It all started with dream. And add that to a bit of loneliness, you might have a recipe for disaster. Being a woman of faith which preaches against gambling, most were surprised when Granny started investing more time and energy into it. So much so, that Katlego, Wallet and Granny’s brother Josias thought it would be best to hold a full on intervention to help her see the light.

And thank goodness for that! Gambling is a bad habit that can never end well, and we are so glad that Granny has finally come to her senses. Besides, she might have more pressing matters to worry about.

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