Children learn to face adult challenges - Skeem Saam

The first season of Skeem Saam was a psychological thriller about three young boys who tried to dig themselves out of a hole that kept getting deeper and darker, after they stole a car for a night of fun.

Season two finally got them free of the terrible secret that bound them together in season one, but threw them into a series of new high stakes scenarios.

Skeem Saam has always been a show about children forced to face very adult challenges.

But despite these challenges, the children of Skeem Saam remained rooted in families and communities with a strong sense of continuity and stability. Even as Kat was caught with weed in his school-bag, and as Tbose chased around Turfloop in search of his kidnapped son, the world itself remained stable. Granny was always waiting at home to lock the gate, no matter how bad things got out there in the world.

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