Natu, Education Dept at odds over 'surplus educators

The National Teachers Union (Natu) says the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) has ruled in its favour in a dispute with the Education Department over the movement and redeployment of surplus educators in KwaZulu-Natal.

Natu says about 3600 educators were declared surplus in the province because of a decrease in the number of learners and says many teachers were moved to other schools without being consulted.

Natu deputy president Allen Thompson says educators will now be given options before being placed.

Thompson says, “So we were very happy when we reached the settlement with the department, where the department agreed that all the members of the National Teachers Union who were unprocedurally transferred to other schools should go back to their original schools and that the department should prepare options for educators to choose where they really want to go to, so we believe that this is quite a relieve to our members and our members will be able to do their work without any frustration…”

Provincial Education Department spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi says they are currently dealing with the issue of educators who cannot be placed.  

Mahlambi says, “The ELRC adjudicated and sided with the Department of Education to say it found nothing wrong with the HRM 51. The implementation of HRM 51 can continue as the department has started moving educators who were in surplus.”

“Some of their members from Natu have been favoured in terms of the schools that they have been redeployed to and they have no problem with that. It disappoints us to have a union that then comes and spreads the lies to say that they won…”

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