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Topic of the week: SANDF: To provide information about current career opportunities in the South African Defence Force (SANDF).

The show will provide application information on currently advertised training and study opportunities within SANDF.  Applicants will be able to apply for suitable opportunities according to relevant SANDF recruitment processes.

  • The programme is entitled: South African National Defence Force 2018 Recruitment
  • This script will be translated to other official languages and broadcast on 10Broadcasting Services (PBS) radio stations.
  • The programme is characterised by the radio presenter and a guest from the Department of Higher Education and Training.
  • The radio presenter is the main anchor of the programme and he/she will control the activities on the programme.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To inform listeners about the career opportunities within the SANDF.
  • To inform the listeners about the recruitment requirements of career opportunities in the SANDF advertised in newspapers, City Press, Rapport and Daily Sun for 2018 recruitment.
  • To highlight that the recruitment is based on 5 Services which include SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy, SAMHS and Defence Intelligence.

The entire programme runs for 30 minutes; which includes Public Services announcements (PSAs).

Opening Billboard: ‘This programme is brought to you by the Department of Higher Education and Training in partnership with SABC Education.’

Programme Introduction

Presenter: We’re joined in the studio by our guest from the SANDF (Rank & Name) who will be telling us about requirements in joining (mention the Service). It is good to have you on the show.

Guest: Thank you for the invite and greetings to you and the listeners.

Presenter: May you please name and briefly explain the role of the fields of advertisements?

Guest:Field of Advertisements

  1. SA ARMY ARMY: Combat and Support Mustering.
  1. 2.SA AIR FORCE: Pilots/Navigators (Commercial Pilot licence/Engineers (Gr 12/ Mathematics Level 4/Physical Science Level 4 and English Level 4, Technical/General (Grade 12).
  1. 3.SA NAVY: Combat/Engineering/Technical (Mathematics Level 3, English Level 4, and Support.

Presenter: What are the study opportunities and the requirements to be admitted in the available opportunities?

Guest: Study Opportunities

MBCHB- The degree qualifies successful students to be medical doctors. Subsequent to successful completion of the degree, Medical Doctors are employed mainly in Military Hospitals, Sickbays and Clinics that may include facilities in rural areas. Applicants must also note that the SAMHS deploy medical doctors for support to military operational deployments including peacekeeping in Africa. Applicants will need National Senior certificate with a Bachelor endorsement with the following subjects: English Level 6, Mathematics Level 6, Physical Science Level 6 and Life Science Level 6 as compulsory subjects, and a minimum APS of 36.

4 Year Nursing Diploma – Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families and communities so they may attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life from conception to death. Applicants will need a Grade 12 certificate with the following subjects: English Level 4, Mathematics Level 4, and Life Science Level 4 as compulsory subjects and a minimum APS of 24.

Emergency Care Technician Programme (ECT) – The SA Military Health Services is offering a national project, Emergency Care Technician (ECT) Programme in co-ordination with the SA National Department of Health and Provincial Health Departments. After selection during candidates initial two year voluntary MSDS, successful candidates will commence with the two year ECT training programme. A limited number of candidates could be offered the opportunity to continue with their third year at a University or University of Technology (National Diploma and B Tech Degree). Applicants will need a Grade 12 certificate with Mathematics Level 4, Life Science Level 4, Physical Science Level 4 and a minimum APS of 28.


Applicants should indicate Service of preference (SA Army, SA Air Force or SA Navy).

Presenter: May you please highlight the necessary documents that should be submitted with the applications?

Guest: The application form must be submitted with the following certified documents:

Certified copy of ID

Certified copy of Gr 12 certificate or statement of results

A Short CV

Certified copy of highest achieved qualification (e.g. Degree or National diploma)

Presenter: Is there any other criteria that applicants should comply with?

Guest: Applicants should comply with the following criteria:

  • South African Citizen with no dual citizenship.
  • Have no criminal record or pending cases.
  • Applicant aged between 18 and 22 with Grade 12 or 18 and 26 for applicants with tertiary qualifications (national diploma/degree/post graduate diploma and post graduate degrees).
  • Preferably single.
  • Not to be area bound.
  • Applicants must be willing to undergo Basic Military Training for a period of 6 months, further Functional Training and serve in uniform within the RSA and abroad.
  • Comply with medical fitness requirements for appointments in the SANDF.
  • Be free from physical disabilities and do not suffer from claustrophobia or fear of heights (SA Navy + Defence Intelligence).
  • Be willing to undergo pre-employment screening, psychometric testing and security vetting (Defence Intelligence).

Presenter: What are the minimum requirements for applicants with Grade 12 only?

Guest: Minimum requirements for applicants with grade 12 only

  • Combat applicants aged between 18 and 22 must have completed Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science with at least Level 3 for both subjects (SA NAVY)
  • Engineering and Technical applicants aged between 18 and 22 must have completed Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science with at least Level 3 for both subjects (SA Navy)

Presenter: What are the minimum requirements for graduates?

Guest: Requirements for graduates

  • National Diploma or N6 with Trade Test Certificate in Mechanical, Marine or Electrical Engineering (SA Navy)
  • Graduate applicants aged between 18 and 26 must have completed Grade 12 with a Degree or National Diploma in Human Resources or Logistics (SA Navy).

Degrees in: African Studies, Political Studies, Security Studies, International Relations, Social/Psychological Science (Defence Intelligence).

Presenter: Where to access the application forms?


  • Internet, www.dod.mil.za,
  • Defence Intranet (www.army.mil.za, www.mil.za, www.af.mil.za)
  • Personal visit at regional office

Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth)

Free State (Army Support Base Bloemfontein/Tempe)

Gauteng Province (Corner Visagie & Paul Kruger Street, Recruitment Centre):

KWAZulu Natal (Durban Light Infantry -Greyville)

Limpopo (Polokwane Airport)

North West (Army Support Base Potchefstroom)

Northern Cape (Army Support Base Kimberley – Diskobolos)

Western Cape (Castle)

Presenter: When is the closing date for applications?

Guest: Closing Date: 28 February 2017

Presenter: Any last words in closing?

Guest: If you are a learner and have an interest in careers in the South African Defence Force, you’ll need to work hard, get good grades and apply on time for the learning opportunities.

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Presenter: Thank you. Where can people get more information?

Guest: For more information our listeners can contact CDS for guidance through

  • SMS with your question or send a “please call me” to 072 204 5056, or
  • Call 086 999 0123, which is a call share line, from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm,
  • Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Visit to our offices at 123 Francis Baard, Pretoria
  • Facebook at www.facebook.com/careerhelp or,
  • Twitter at www.twitter.com/rsacareerhelp

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