The 2015 Cancervive awareness ride hits the road

CancerviveThe 5th annual Cancervive Awareness Ride is about to kick off amidst celebrations at the Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto on Friday the 11th of September.

Surrounding schools will join in the fanfare from 12:30 as we bid farewell to the entourage of more than 65 cancer survivors, supporters, media and emergency services. This dynamic group will be embarking on a 2300km motorcycle journey through 3 provinces with the aim of inspiring thousands people to talk about cancer, the importance of early detection and thus getting to know their bodies.

The energetic and educational Cancervive show where cancer survivors share their stories through performing arts, music, poetry, dance and storytelling will take centre stage on the day. In addition, the following performers will also show their support:

• Miagi Music School Drummers
• Kliptown Youth Program Gumboot Dancers

• Soweto Gospel Choir

The passion, love and excitement around the event shines through in the thoughts of some of the participants:

Raynolda Makhutle – I have every reason to wake up in the morning because I know that I’m going to put a smile on at least one face, whether male or female, so that fulfils me. I just want to see people being happy; people realising that it’s going to be alright.

Maria Muller – Don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions and how you feel… you are entitled to it, you don’t have to hide it or feel scared about what other people think. If you notice something different about your body, it’s important to share it with someone you trust.

Ray Cassiem – Challenges make you stronger, and you will only know your strength once a challenge like this faces you. Now I can appreciate the little things in life: support from friends and family, the air that I breathe, the peaceful life I lead, my health, happiness, and pain free body. I live in the moment. I count my blessings!

Itumeleng Letoaba – Today I'm so happy to tell the world that "early detection saves lives" and today I'm proudly cancerous, because cancer lives in my body under my rules. It has no control of my life; I'm controlling it. I cannot wait for the 2015 annual ride, as it gives me the opportunity to celebrate my cancer journey, and share what I have been through with others.

Nolwandle Mbele – When I came across Cancervive I knew this is it, this is my chance to give back to society. What could be more awesome than riding a bike (something I'm very passionate about) and building awareness about cancer, giving hope to people who no longer have hope, letting people know that they are not alone?

#Cancervive 2015 aims to create a whole new perception about cancer by encouraging conversations around it, removing stigmas and creating support for those affected by it. Through answering questions, sharing and listening to stories of survival, conveying facts about the disease and celebrating life, the battle against the disease is already halfway won!

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