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“Series two is different in that series one focused on pioneers working in the field of HIV and AIDS, while this series casts its net wider and finds trailblazers in various fields. Trailblazing Masupatsela in s eries two are making positive differences at an immediate and broader general level; making a difference to neighbours’ lives or to the lives of people they do not know directly,” says Jo Neethling, commissioning editor at SABC Education.

These Masupatsela astutely identified a need, were sensitive and thoughtful enough to develop a solution, and through commitment and tireless energy followed through and delivered their ideas. Their unflagging commitment to following through sets them apart from the rest. Some featured Masupatsela have few resources, while others have everything they need at their fingertips, but they all have a generous and caring spirit.

Through the series we find out what compelled these Masupatsela to act and we get a glimpse into their lives and the work they do that bolsters and feeds those around them. We meet some of the people and see how they have benefited from trailblazing work.

“SABC2 viewers can look forward to learning about the resourcefulness and energy of these Masupatsela as they provide a template for us to follow, and a chance for us to offer services and help in the remarkable work they do. It’s possible for all of us to contribute to making a little difference in someone’s life,” says Zandile Nkonyeni SABC2’s publicity manager.

“In series two we follow-up developments of projects from series one; our Masupatsela have the passion and the courage to keep working to continue to make a difference. We hope that this series achieves its goal and inspires and encourages viewers to do that little something that they have always thought would make a difference,” says Tina-Louise Smith, producer of the series.

Produced by Free Range Films for SABC Education, this 26 part series of Masupatsela will be broadcast in two parts: 27 July to 19 October 2009 and 25 December 2009 to 19 March 2010 on SABC2 at 11h00. Masupatsela series two is interactive with a web site that allows viewers and other interested people to follow the production and keep up to date with stories in the series. Once users are on the web site, they can also join the facebook group.


Further information: www.freerangefilms.co.za/Masupatsela2

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