The Golden Years: Untold wisdom of the Elderly

The void is due to various factors including technology, modern lifestyles, global economic shifts and the general perception that the elderly have little or nothing to contribute to modern day society. The Golden Years shows us how we can learn so much from our elders. Many have lived through different era experiences from World War II to the era of apartheid in South Africa during the 1950s and 1980s and are still going strong in 2013. They thrived through the times to become the leaders of today in many areas like sports, science, music and politics.

26 episodes of The Golden Years shares the untold wisdom of the elderly who are flag bearers of the country; their strength, courage and values have laid a firm foundation for the nation. The series is about real life experiences of human strength and success achieved in a lifetime.

The Golden Years through documentary format tells life stories through national and personal archive material, memorabilia, vintage clips and artefacts. The various themes, engaging characters and thrilling events show viewers unseen time periods that only our elders can recall. They go back in time to their earliest childhood memories, their chosen careers and the arrival to their current age commonly known as the golden years. The recollection of good and challenging times creates a unique combination of contrast and nostalgia.

Zandile Nkonyeni, publicity manager at SABC2 says “We want our secondary audience, our younger viewers to revitalize their appreciation for the elderly and their contributions made to our society. The Golden Years also includes younger voices who create and encourage opportunity for positive communication between the generations.

The Golden Years is produced by Aurealism Pictures based in the Western Cape who are first time producers to the SABC, producers Elise Fernandez and Reza Williams are mentored by experienced producer and director Jema Spring.

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