Thirteen days into their tenure, the Interim Board has made strides in understanding the complex operations of the SABC and have developed a short-term plan to guide and take the organization forward.

Some of the key issues which were presented to the Committee were:

  • The Corporate Plan 2013-16
  • Migration to Digital Terrestrial Television
  • Servicing of the Government guarantee
  • Instability at the executive echelon
  • The challenge of declining viewership
  • Compliance
  • Skills Audit

In their analysis of the organization, several key milestones have been identified, such as the establishment of the National and Provincial Elections 2014 plan, the sourcing of funding for DTT (where needed) to ensure an uninterrupted implementation, as well as the alignment of the organizational structure to statutory and audit imperatives.

The Interim Board Chairperson, Ms. Tshabalala said “We are pleased that immense work has already been done on these critical areas which we highlighted to Parliament. We pledge our commitment to work with the management of the public service broadcaster in delivering not only on our mandate as an Interim Board, but the mandate of the SABC”.

The SABC also presented its results for the third quarter of 2012/2013.

The PCC members, after a lot of engagement, praised the SABC for the manner in which the presentations were done and the fact that there are signs of great improvements generally even though there are still areas that need to be focused on.

The interim Board committed to deal speedily with the issues that were raised so that they can leave a lasting legacy when their short term ends in September.