SABC going the Foundation way of Doing Good

Iris is definitely a force to be reckoned with and has a solid reputation built on hard work. She was voted Woman of the Year 2011 by Motor Industry South Africa (MISA).

Her life story was captured on film by the United Nations (Iris Francis: A story of a River Girl) as one of ten extraordinary women across Africa and she was invited to present her documentary at the United Nations in New York. She was chosen by the Minister of Human Settlements Mr. Tokyo Sexwale to be one of 16 candidates to appear on a reality TV Series, The apprentice SA. She is one of 12 women that are captured in the book titled Burning Bright: Extraordinary Women of KZN, written by Wilna Botha. Prior to being appointed by the SABC, she was the Head of CSI: Bidvest Group.

She tells us that the SABC Foundation will be focusing on enriching and empowering South African communities to ensure that as the public broadcaster we have impact on the communities we serve. “There is so much good being done by the SABC in terms of making a difference in society but we have not collated effectively. We need to work together and find a way to centralize all the CSI projects done by the SABC and create a system that effectively captures these activities, thus allowing us to better report to our stakeholders and improve our scorecard rating”, says Iris.

Iris is a mother of two who is passionate about helping women who are abused, hurting and vulnerable: "Five years from now I see myself working for the United Nations at the service of abused women and children. We are all born for a purpose and will need to give an account of the talents we've been blessed with. No matter what position you hold in an organisation, do it like no one else can, be the very best at what you do. We are all ‘change agents’ and need to be part of the change we wish to see. Don't just leave a legacy, live your legacy. Success is not the size of your bank balance but the amount of people whose lives have been forever changed for the better, because you lived," she concluded.

By: Lebohang Sekete - SABC Corporate Communications 

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