SABC embarking on a journey of efficiency and effectiveness

Jabulani boasts 20 year's wealth of experience in the human resources field. "I have traversed through manufacturing and mining industries, worked as an academic and management consultant. I also had an opportunity to work in the nuclear environment which was very exciting. More relevant to the SABC, I have worked at On Digital Media, a Pay TV company," he says about his work related experience.

Apart from spending most of his spare time with his family, Jabulani also writes articles and chapters for journals and books: "I co-edited a book titled Education Training and Development Practices in South Africa which was used by universities and technikon's students as a prescribed book." With the drive to make a difference in society, Jabulani participates in charity work. He is also a soccer and softball fanatic of note. "I am an ardent runner who runs for the sake of staying fit," he admits.

Jabulani is looking forward to meet and work with people who have the same values as him, that of being an agent of change and making a greater impact in creating empowered South African citizenry. He is inspired by First Citizens who come here every day to make the SABC a great place that it is. He furthermore reveals that given a chance he would also like to inspire employees who had lost the drive or will to develop within their current jobs.

It is often rare to find a dream job that gives you fulfillment in-and-out of office and Jabulani is one of the few ones whose job and results extends to society at large: "I love Human Resources because if you look at it as a profession through a broad lens you will notice that it impacts communities. We create employment, and train people. We sponsor their children with bursaries to get education. Through all these processes we create wealth for communities. So when I look at the impact that Human Capital has on society I marvel at what I have to wake up and do every day both at work and outside of work."

With the new Group Executive gracing the Division, Human Capital Services is committed to execute a strategy that will support business in reclaiming its glory and branding the SABC as an employer of choice. "I wish to emphasise that the Human Capital team is working tirelessly towards ensuring that the policies of the corporation are transformed. We are ensuring that the reviewed policies are benchmarked to meet best practiced standards, reflect the values of the corporation and comply with all legislative requirements. Above all, these policies must assist the SABC to become the best employer to work for," he concludes.

Source: SABC Corporate Communications, Lebohang Sekete


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