Patrick Seleka plays ‘Katlego’ in Skeem Saam on SABC1

Patrick plays the role of Katlego in Skeem Saam coming to SABC1 soon.  He says “this series will show South African parents that they must be more involved in their children’s life because they don’t know what is happening to their children. It will also teach the youth of today that the type of friends they have can have a negative or positive impact on their lives; it all depends on what kind of friends you choose.  My role in the drama Skeem Saam is a 16 year old boy named Katlego Peterson. He is a good looking, respectful and obedient kid who loves his friends and family even though they sometimes hurt his feelings.”

When Patrick was young he wanted to be a policeman like his father “he used to look so good in his uniform and shiny shoes.  My father was a very strict man he used to spank me now and again because I was so naughty.  My mother, well I can write a book about her, I can’t imagine living without her.”

After finishing school Patrick studied IT and then enrolled with the School of Arts in Pretoria.  Highlights of his life include “the time I started art in junior school, my teacher encouraged me to enter competitions and I can’t remember losing. During high school I took an interest in theatre and met a group called C.S.P. I then began to build my career; I’ve performed at the State and Market Theatre.”

Patrick’s mother is his inspiration, “she takes no nonsense and will never sleep if her children are not okay or comfortable, she is a fighter and does everything 110%. I may not have expensive clothes and gadgets but my mother gives me something that’s far better than all those things; it’s her love.”

In his leisure time Patrick writes poems and watches cartoons.  His favourite music is Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and House.  Tshepo Tshola’s ‘Holokile’ is his most memorable song “it reminds me of my father who passed away in 1999.  I’d like Brian McKnight’s ‘Every time you go away’ to be played at my wedding one day.”  His favourite movie is The Matrix; he would love to do an exciting movie like that because “dodging bullets and stuff keeps people on the edge of their seats.”  Al Pacino and Angelina Jolie are Patrick’s favourite movie stars.

Patrick is terrified of ghosts, “I know they don’t exist but sometimes I sit alone in the house and hear things that freak me out, the funny thing is I’m not scared of the dark.”  He enjoys novels that take you on an adventure.  His favourite radio station is Yfm because they play the best house music.  His favourite TV show is Whose Line Is It Anyway.  Patrick says he never cries “even when the situation is bad I always find a way to smile.”

Patrick’s wish for the future is to see himself in a lead role in one of South Africa’s big soapies.  His only regret in life is not taking photos at his matric dance “I thought I looked bad but apparently I looked good.”

See Patrick in action in 13 episodes of Skeem Saam scheduled for broadcast on SABC1 Thursdays at 20h30 starting 13 October.  Skeem Saam is produced by PEU Communication Solutions for SABC Education.  It tells stories about how boys know when they become men.  It examines the plight of today’s male children and the tough challenges they face transitioning into manhood. The underlying premise for the series is that real men are made, not born.


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