Karabo Timba presenting a new character of Living Land

I asked who his inspiration is and he laughs saying “so many different people, but all of them live by a common tagline 'Never say die!' My friend and co-presenter Nonhlanhla is one such person! I'm one to master the art; I’ve been studying production and gathering information to put together my own majestic television production company. So I'm one such! Truly never say die!”

This young man is happy and is not afraid of anything in life. He says “it is because I studied the human mind informally for the past three years and realise that fear is created and enforced! In life I know for sure that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, how long it takes to get to the end doesn't matter! I have no regrets at all. I’m a firm believer that everything happens in line with God`s will; good or bad.”

He says “the only thing I don’t like about myself is that I’m inclined to leave my cell phone on at night even though I promise myself not to, so the mornings are always a recharge rush.”

Tumi’s favourite movie is Ali and the Pursuit of Happiness he says, “Will Smith is an incredible actor, and so are Leroy Gopal, Vusi Kunene, Sello Maake ka Ncube, Lerato Mvelase; these are just few of my Mzansi favourites.”

When Tumi manages to find some leisure time, he reads good business skills books or spends time in the studio recording or writing music. He doesn’t have a favourite radio station because he has many DJ friends on different stations and “my phone wouldn’t stop ringing if I chose one” he says. His favourite local TV show is Matrics Uploaded, “it`s honestly the best, edutainment television in South Africa.” He also enjoys a good chat and laughter on social networks twitter and facebook.

I found myself wondering if Tumi ever cries, he says “I cry, the other day we recorded a beautiful song I wrote in Kalanga, a Zimbabwean language, it sounded so amazing I became tearful. I try to live a life filled with love in the world, this way you have a huge impact on people around you that will last beyond your days of eating pap!”

Tumi is working on something that is hyping him up, he says “I can't say much as it is early days, it is a television show I'm putting together. I guarantee it is television that will inspire, transform and uplift! Television is a powerful medium to convey a message; it is the best place to inspire change in the positive direction! I want to make a difference, there's only so many years a person can be the 'it' man or woman in the industry, but people who make a difference last longer!”

When I received his response, I felt silly that I had asked this wise young man if he thought he was a leader, he said “I am firstly a leader of myself. The decisions I take daily are those that determine my success! Everyone is a leader, you lead you; either to success or destruction. Success is contentment when you reach a goal. I have been super successful in my life so far but because success is not a destination, I'm looking forward to so much more!”

Tumi is fluent in five South African languages, seSotho, isiXhosa, seTswana, isiZulu, siSwati and English. He is learning Kalanga and he attributes this to his love of communicating with people of different backgrounds and understanding their reality. He is working on expanding his motivation consultancy into Africa to discuss relevant issues with African youth. For further details, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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