Jabi Matsoso on Rivoningo

“Our location presenter Vele takes us on visits to different places in Gauteng and robot characters Lelo and Keke are in studio with me.  In Rivoningo we chase pesky mice in the playroom; we explore weather changes, create volcanoes, and do a lot of art and culture lessons.  We play around a lot of number fun activities, explore different parts of the world and learn about many things.”

“Rivoningo shares ideas that equip viewers with values and attitudes needed for development in the foundation phase.  Children have the opportunity to deal with issues outside day-to-day classroom situations which influence what happens in the classroom or learning place.  The show offers an understanding of the foundations of mathematics, literacy, reading and phonological awareness which includes the basic understanding of fiction and nonfiction.

Watch Jabi, Vele, Lelo and Keke on Rivoningo weekdays at 10h30 on SABC2.

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