Ispani and Jewellery Design on 11 July

80% of all Jewellery sold in our country is imported…this means that there are huge opportunities for creative designers to get into this scarce skill environment. In this episode we look at the exciting world of jewelers and Jewellery design.

In Episode 4, Ispani will deal with Panel Beating on 18 July
 Although fewer than 30% of South African households have a car we do have many commercial vehicles on the road and the damage that we regularly inflict on our personal and business vehicles creates a steady stream of work that ranges from small scratches to major rebuilds… requiring skilled technicians to repair everything from a tatty old taxi to a regal Rolls Royce…they remove dents, straighten bent auto-bodies and replace crushed parts. This episode takes us into the world of panel beating.

Episode 5: Plumbing  25/07/2012
We often hear about scarce and critical skills…qualifications or jobs that South Africa’s economy needs to make headway and sustain growth in a tough and highly competitive global environment…these position just don’t have enough new, skilled people joining. Plumbing is one such artisanal skill or trade in the construction industry that makes up a growing list of key positions across all sectors that are desperately seeking new talent…
By choosing a career as a plumber – or other trades and professions on the list - you are increasing your chances of entering the job market with a skill that will see employers snapping you up…and as it is an apprenticeship and you can learn as you earn.

Episode 6: Office Automation 01/08/2012
Copier technicians are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of office equipment ranging from copy machines, to faxes and printers…they are trained to work with technically complex equipment from hardware and software to electronic and network support through a National Certificate Information Technology Technical Support at an FET, or given brand specific training by their employer on the job. We take a look at this interesting field and what one requires to be successful in it.

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